10 Marvel/DC Comic Characters You Don’t Want To Run Into In A Dark Alley

Hey folks.

It’s Halloween and for some people, it’s the best holiday of the year. All weekend, I’d been trying to figure out what to write about today that would properly capture the spirit of the season.

With all the spookiness going around let’s talk about a couple of comic characters that we do not want to find under our beds or in our closets. The criteria for this list includes physical appearance and the ability of these characters to harm you. For example, Nightcrawler from the X-men looks scary but we all know he’s a darling.

This list also excludes alien races that are naturally spooky to look at.

Okay enough talk, let’s get to it.

  1. The Joker


Imagine walking into your bathroom in the dark, turning on the lights just to find The Joker staring at you.

That permanent red smile, white painted face, green greasy hair and bulging eyes will freak anybody out. Let’s not even try to think about what he might do to you.

  1. Carnage

Anyone with a symbiote would give you the biggest jump scare of your life but Carnage is in a different league from him fellow symbiote Venom. Although The Venom is bigger and more physically intimidating, Carnage is just plain creepy. Add the fact that he is Red to the equation, and you have more problems to deal with.

  1. The Red Skull

There’s just something about the color Red and the biggest Captain America villain makes it on my list this reason and more. In some ways, he might be the person I’m most afraid of on this list because he’s aware that his looks inspire fear.

Just picture him under your bed tonight and see where that gets you.

  1. Killer Croc

He’s a giant-sized human-crocodile. What more do you need me to say here folks?

Just so we’re clear I’m not speaking of the underwhelming version of the character in the last Suicide Squad movie. I’m talking of the intimidating, shit-in-your-pants Killer Croc from the comics.

  1. Venom

He might not be as creepy as his symbiote counterpart Carnage, but Venom (the original Eddie Brock Venom not the Flash Thompson Agent Venom) is still pretty high up my list of characters I do not want to run into ever.

  1. The Hob Goblin

The Hob Goblin is the physical representation of Halloween. The dude’s color scheme is orange and he uses bombs shaped as Halloween pumpkins folks. It really doesn’t get more Halloween themed than that.

If this was a list of the most Halloween themed villain, he’s definitely coming first place. Sadly, this list is a little more diverse. That doesn’t mean I want him anywhere near me in the dark.

  1. The Green Goblin

Almost as spooky as the Hob Goblin but he’s definitely twice as dangerous. Norman Osborne should not be messed with in and out of the mask.

Still, he looks creepy as hell when he wears that costume.

  1. Solomon Grundy

Born on Monday, Christened on Tuesday and definitely needs to be on this list.

He’s technically a zombie. Something comics never really show us the true nature of these characters because it’s all lines and colors.

Still, Solomon Grundy is a near mindless zombie that will send me running in the opposite direction anytime, any day.

  1. Parasite

For a very long time Parasite was my favorite Superman villain. I love him because he’s absolutely insane which isn’t consistent with Superman villains. Superman usually gets the more heavy-hitting stable minded villains while Batman is stuck with all the crazies in Gotham.

Parasite is a huge deviation from that trend because he is bat-shit crazy. Add his purple skin and near hollow eyes to that equation and you have yourself one really spooky dude.

  1. Doctor Doom

I’ve always thought Victor Von Doom was a pretty scary villain and I’m glad I can actually talk about it. The metal mask and outfit are sufficient to creep anyone out but if you’re looking to make you screen crawl, look for an image of him without the mask.

That ought to get your motor running.


This was a lot of fun to write and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well.

Happy Halloween folks.

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