10 Things That Happened On Flash Season 4 Episode 3

As we all know the thinker is the villain on the new season of flash and this episode explained and expanded on what

1.  Girl in bus exposed to Dark Mata

2.  Harry wells is back

3.  Jessie quick breaks up with Wally

4.  Dark Mata Girl is exposed to gave her good luck powers that give other people bad luck

5.  Barry and the team realize the new Meta-Humans popping up in the city was due to Barry coming back

6.  Barry and Iris’s wedding is in jeopardy due to unavailability of venue

7.  Iris’s dad has problems with the plumbing in the house

8.  Meta’s powers spread as her good luck increases

9.  Meta’s powers threatens to blow up the particle accelerator

10. Harry saves the day by telling Cisco not to shut the particle accelerator off

Which temporarily shuts off the powers of the girl with the good luck powers that could have destroyed the city around her.


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