3 Of the Biggest Games to Look forward to From the Just Concluded Paris Games Week

Hey Monday, hey everyone that isn’t Monday. Welcome to another Monday.

Anyhoo…ga3mes! They’re awesome and all.

The Paris Games week was over a week ago but i didn’t get to have a look at the games coming out till yesterday and my are they awesome.

What’s the Paris Games Week i hear you ask? Well, it’s a trade fair for video games held annually at the Paris expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, France. So major developers come with new ways to take our money.

A bunch of games were announced in this 2017 edition and PS4 owners can get excited cos there are a couple of games there to excite them. Titles such as Hong Kong Massacre and God of War getting some updates, but the most exciting stuff were the new games announced.

Of all the games announced, three really stood out to me as must-sees and i will now list them below.



I never played the first, but it’s now on my wishlist. It’s a side-scroller, platformer game that just looks insane. I liked the simple graphics, reminded me a bit of Outland. If you’re into simple graphics and colourful gameplay then this looks like something to get excited about.




The Gardens Between

This seems to tell the story of two friends (Arina and Frend) who find themselves in a strange new world (a garden really). There doesn’t seem to be much dialogue in this (like zilch), but what’s intriguing is that you can change the flow of time, meaning you can reverse events and that makes for some interesting puzzles (it’s a Platformer). I like the art and the music (kinda reminds me of Contre Jour). It’s another i’m looking forward to (hopefully it’s not an exclusive).




Now this one…hmmm…it looks proper scary. I’ve never been quite big on horror titles, but this one is intriguing. It just goes to show that with minimalist graphics, you can still produce the scares. In this PlayStation VR game, you immerse yourself into darkness. The world is a series of lines and you can only form the outline by making sounds, problem is, if you’re too loud, then the monsters will come to get you…chilling right? And then when you add the magic of VR it makes it even more interesting.

I doubt i’d ever get to play this, but i wouldn’t mind watching someone do it– and then jump out of their skin 😀


Those are the three i found the most intriguing, maybe because they aren’t AAA games or something. There were a lot of those also announced, but i really am excited for these three.

Which games caught your eye most from the Paris Games Week? Leave a response in the comments and let’s have a discussion.

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