3 Reasons Why Izuku Midorima Might Just be the Coolest Crybaby Hero There Is

I finally finished Boku no Hero Academia (don’t judge me, i like taking my time) and just because i loved the first season so much, by the time i wanted to watch the second i watched the first again and once more i realized one thing; I really, REALLY, like Midoriya 

And while you might be like ‘so?’, i usually hate shounen protagonists. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word, but i usually have a strong dislike to shounen protagonists. This is usually because they all seem the same; loud, brash, stupid and they indiscriminately powerup.

This is not to say they’re all the same as there are exceptions. Before now i think my favourite shounen protagonist was Tsunayoshi Sawada from Hitman reborn (lovely watch) who was great and of course Gon from HxH was amazing too.

So why do i love Midoriya so much? Well for me i guess there are three reasons why he stands out from most other Shounen characters.


I don’t know if humility is the right term for it, but there’s a level of empathy that Midoriya has that i usually don’t see in other shounen protagonists. Not to say that the others aren’t humble or empathetic, but it just feels more real from Midoriya, it might be because he has been bullied for all his life before being granted the power of One for All but from him i just think it’s much more genuine.

True Bravery

Sigh. Midoriya is brave. Let me explain. Natsu is brave, Ichigo is brave, Luffy is brave, but i rank Midoriya higher for one reason only; Midoriya is scared.

There’s something to respect about someone who is scared, visibly shaking, but is still determined to fight simply because they want to save someone or do the right thing. Classic example was during the entrance exams, Midoriya saw the robot that had zero points and who everyone had been advised to run from and yet, even though he was shaking, just to protect Uraraka, Midoriya rushed headlong into danger.


Now other protagonists would probably have expressed surprise at the size of the robot, but because these characters have always been strong, there would have likely been an absence of fear, of self-preservation. They would welcome the challenge of facing something clearly bigger and stronger than themselves.

Midoriya is scared out of his wits, but he’ll fight and that to me is true bravery. It’s more relatable because it reminds us that even when we’re scared, we have to do the right thing, to protect others, to be our best selves. Izuku Midoriya makes me feel that more through his fear and terror than through Natsu’s noise making and posturing.

Midoriya is Smart

Again, not like other protagonists aren’t smart, it’s just the application that makes Midoriya so cool. Just look at his fight with Bakugou! The way he analyses opponents and face them based on this is amazing and the fact that he can do it quickly is crazy.

It’s something to love. In a world where power is all there is and many anime don’t pay attention to the mental attractiveness of their protagonists, Midoriya stands out and this is indeed what i like about him the most. It’s why i think he could be one of the most powerful anime characters period. Imagine if he can use the full scope of One for All and still think the way he does…he’ll be a formidable foe indeed, even against the best of the best.

That’s it from me, i don’t even know if i made any sense, but maybe someone would read this and understand why Midoriya is so special. You could disagree of course and if that’s the case you can sound off in the comments.

Till later

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