6 Male Anime Characters You Might Not have Known Were Voiced by Women

So we all watch anime and we love it and blah blah blah, but do you know the voices behind some of your favourite characters?

Of course some of you do, but some of you are as clueless as me and were utterly surprised to learn that some of our most exciting characters (male) were actually voiced by women.

Apparently, the Japanese commonly use women to voice young male characters in Shonen anime and some of these women are hardly young which makes their talents even more remarkable. Here are 6 of whom you might not have known of.


Junko Takeuchi- Naruto Uzumaki


This amazing bag of talent was born in 1972 and she is 45 years of age! She is the voice behind Naruto Uzumaki. She has worked on other projects most notably Inazuma 11 and Monster. She was also the voice behind Gon Freecs in the 1999 version of HxH.

She is immensely talented and it’s amazing that she can play such a goofy character…amazing i say




Mayumi Tanaka- Monkey D Luffy

This 62-year-old plays the iconic character Monkey D Luffy and with how long One Piece has gone on (episode 814 aired a couple of days ago) you begin to wonder if she’ll become a ‘coronation street’ actress.

One Piece started in 1999 which makes this year its 18th of airing. This also means that even when she started the job, Tanaka was no spring Chicken as she must have been 44 years of age at the time, but she’s been in the industry longer starting off in 1978.





Mayo Suzukaze- Himura Kenshin


She’s the lovely voice behind one of anime’s most beloved swordsmen, Kenshin Himura. She is currently 57 years of age (you’re seeing a pattern here no?) and she not only played Kenshin, she was also the singer for the second ED of the anime ‘Namida Was Shitteru’

She’s certainly multi-talented.




Mariya Ise- Killua Zoldyck


She’s practically the youngest on this list (she’s 29) and she is super famous. She has been in a crazy amount of popular anime, but probably her best has been as Killua Zoldyck in the Hunter X Hunter reboot. She has in this year alone been in smash hits like Made in Abyss as Reg and Kakegurui as┬áMidari Ikishima ( she was also in Nanatsu no Taizai and Fairy Tail)




Masako Nozawa- Son Goku


One of the OGs of anime was voice by this sweet grandma. Masako Nozawa is as legendary as legendary come. She’s 81 (holy smokes) years of age and she apart from voicing Goku, also voiced Astro Boy– that’s basically one of the first anime (as we know it) ever made! She hasn’t slowed down as she still reprised her role as Goku in 2015 with the Dragon Ball reboot.

She’s a boss




Romi Park- Edward Elric


Err…btw this list is not by hierachy or anything, it’s just as it is. See, Romi Park is awesome, while she’s the voice behind the absolute badass that is Edward Elric, she’s also the one who voiced Bleach’s Toshiro Hitsugaya. She is 45 years old and started out s0me 20 years ago in 1997.


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