8 Things You Probably Missed On The Good Doctor Season 1: Episode 5

Apparently “The Good Doctor” is the most watched tv show in America right now with the latest episode pulling 18.2 million viewers surpassing The Big Bang Theory

The Good Doctor has an autistic Surgeon named Shaun Murphy who despite all odds became what he is and the management hospital he is working at is generally taking a chance having him as a resident.

The show is produced by the people who brought you House so expect a lot of visual effects when watching him think of internal organs and how to treat a patient.

Anyway, let me start my quick recap as promised on the headline.

1. Shaun makes a joke about teleporting early to the hospital – First sarcasm

Shaun doesn’s get sarcasm so, in his effort to try it out, he tells his boss who asked him why he was early for a change as he is usually late that he teleported.

2. Shaun meets a doppelganger of his dead brother who looks and  talks like him

A patient who looks a lot like his brother is admitted to the hospital and Shaun takes a keen interest in him. Shaun’s brother died falling off a train while playing hide and seek with their friends after running away from home.His brother is the main reason why he decided to become a surgeon.

3. Shaun discovers that his brother’s doppelganger has cancer

Shaun discovers that the patient who looks like his brother has cancer and he tells his boss who then tells the boy’s parents. The boy’s parents say they know but the patient should not know as they have been keeping it from him.

4. Shaun is not okay with lying to the boy so he asks Claire to help him lie

Shaun asks Claire to help him tell the boy that he is perfectly okay as he as a problem with lying and it doesn’t help matters that the boy has the face of his brother.

5. Claire helps him and Shawn tries to find a loop hole

Claire tells the boy that he is fine and Shaun spends the whole day trying to figure out how to save the boy. He discovers a loophole that has like 3.3% chances of being true. Tells his boss who then tells him that he shouldn’t give people false hopes based on chances.

6. Shawn tries to help the boy by treating him without telling anyone

Shaun tells the boy that he has cancer to which the boy replied that he already knew. Shaun then proceeded to tell him that there was a chance that it wasn’t cancer and that he could try the alternative to which the boy had a glimmer of hope.

7. Turns out the boy actually has cancer after all

As Shaun is about to perform his fringe experiment, the boy’s parents walk in and while he was arguing with them, the boy starts coughing blood and emergency operation was carried out to which they found out that the boy indeed had cancer.

8. A reverse of a typical house episode

Typically a typical episode of House will eventually show that Doctor House was correct but the writers on this show just want us to pity Dr. Shaun Murphy and have the feels for him with each episode that is released.

If you already started watching The Good Doctor. What do you think and would you recommend it to anyone.


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