9 of the Cutest Anime Kids you’ll Ever See

Okay, before i start, i think it’s important to note that this list is subjective. Subjective mostly to the anime i’ve seen. I’m not an anime grandfather or anything, so my knowledge might not be as extensive as a lot of other watchers, but hey, i like what i like.

Kids aren’t always paid too much attention in anime, but when they are and when they’re awesome, they can become favourite characters of sorts.

So here’s my criteria:

  • They must be kids in the present timeline of the anime (So no baby Kuroko *weeping*)
  • They must not be Gon and Killua (i can’t see them as kids)
  • And it’s one kid per anime (so no Kouta from Barakamon or Pride from Full Metal Alchemist)

So let’s go!


Ilya Von Einzbern- The Fate Series

She’s so CUTE!

Until she unleashes her servant on you.

Ilya is the daughter of  Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern both of whom were partakers in the 4th Holy Grail war. Ilaya took part in the 5th where she came up against essentially her stepbrother in Emiya Shirou. In the Fate Stay Night series, i don’t even remember what happened to her, but i do remember how she died in Unlimited Blade Works and it STUNG.

She was spoilt, entitled but somehow still managed to be super cute.

Sigh…poor girl


Asuka Connell- Fairy Tail

The daughter of Alzack and Bisca Connell, Asuka was born after the major Fairy Tail wizards disappeared in Tenroujima.

To me she’s more memorable than her parents and her cute red cheeks just make me want to kidnap her and just take care of her. But then just imagine if it’s Gildarts they send after you to retrieve the child *shudders*



Aladdin- Magi


Yes i’m unabashed when it comes to my love for cute anime characters (and real life babies). Aladdin is just the best. He’s a powerful mage and one of the only Magi in the world (there’s Judal sha and a couple of others). He just about cracks this list because he’s 10 when the series starts, so he’s still a kid (he’s 15 in the current Manga).

With his blue eyes and hair, his pervy attitude (the girls never slap him, i want his jazz), he’s the ultimate baby brother. He’s now super strong which also puts him high on my list



Shiro- No Game, No Life



She’s an equal part of the gaming tag team juggernaut Blank. She and her brother Sora dominate the gaming space and at the tender age of 11 she’s one of the smartest characters you’ll ever meet.

Her unenthusiastic character endears her to people even more as there’s an air of never really caring about anything (besides her brother)

Her purple eyes (only in anime) and shock of white hair frame a dainty, pretty face can make any heart melt (maybe that’s why she’s so good at games, the games can’t bear to make her lose cos she’s so cute…badum tss)


Yachiru Kusajisi- Bleach

To be honest i don’t really know how old Yachiru is, but she’s cute, so eff it.

She’s the vice-captain of the 11th division of the Gotei 13 and Kenpachi Zaraki’s adopted daughter. She’s sweet, playful and completely childish. Can’t remember seeing her fight, but good luck if you touch her…let her father come for you first.

She’s a constant companion to Kenpachi and is not afraid of blood or death seeing as that’s how she met Kenpachi. Don’t het cuteness fool you sha, she’s strong.



Kaiser de Emperana Beelzebub IV– Beelzebub

Some people might get mad, but yes, i think the son of the Devil is cute.

Baby Beel is the main subject matter in the hilarious comedy, Beelzebub. When he is practically handed over to an OP protagonist and delinquent, all hell breaks loose and there’s never a dull moment and Baby Beel is just so cute with his customary dummy and his electrifying tears.



Naru Kotoishi- Barakamon

I’m not sure i can go on.

They’re too cute.

Sigh. Naru is Seishuu Handa’s main cause of heart attack in the series. She’s an energetic, fun-loving kid that while stubborn is also quite easy to love. You can be a troublemaker and still be cute and not have everyone try to kill you (Lambo from Hitman Reborn i’m looking at you). She treads that line in fine form and you’d be hard-pressed to find a cuter child anywhere.



Elicia Hughes- Full Metal Alchemist

Just looking at this picture gives me a fresh hatred for Homonculi. How dare they make this little girl cry???

Elicia Hughes is the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes and his wife Gracia. Maes loves his daughter to death and was a consummate family man up until his death. Elicia didn’t do much in the series but she was a charming little girl who’s interaction with the main cast touched them all. I guess it was part of why losing Maes hurt so much because that meant Elicia was going to grow up without a dad.




Tsumugi- Amaama to Inazuma

I’m not even sure i have the words. i love this girl so much you’d think she was human. The young daughter of Kohei Inuzuka who lost his wife half a year ago and is suddenly saddled with the sole responsibility of taking care of his young, beautiful daughter.

Tsumugi loves food (somehow she’s not fat) and she’s so vibrant and full of life. Sigh

She’s turned her father’s world around and the love the two share is incredible. And it doesn’t hurt that she has such great hair!

I want to be her father…lucky bastard!

And that’s my list. Have any additions, subtractions, multiplications, etc. You can talk about it in the comments, i look forward to conversing with you on a topic we all love.

Till later.




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