Alita Might Just Be the first Decent American Live Action Movie Adaptation of Anime

So the trailer of Alita, Battle Angel came out a couple of days ago and on watching i was like ‘nice!’. Will i still be saying this next year? I dunno.

James Cameron is at the helm of affairs and he did a pretty decent job of Avatar, so maybe there’s hope.

It’s no secret that Hollywood have been very dodgy when it comes to live-action adaptations of Manga, Anime or such (Looking at you Death Note and Dragon Ball Z) and i for one do not believe that Hollywood have it in them to do a good adaptation.

On watching the Alita trailer though, i am certainly intrigued. It looks like it might just be done right.

For those who don’t know who or what Alita is, it’s a Manga first published in 1992. The synopsis according to MAL reads;

The people and cyborgs of the Scrapyard live beneath the floating city of Tiphares, whose inhabitants dump their junk in the Scrapyard and rule above its inhabitants. One day Ido, a former Tipharean citizen and doctor specializing in cyborg repairs, finds the intact head of young cyborg-girl in a vast pile of scrap. He takes her in, gives her a body and the name Alita. Alita then discovers long forgotten fighting techniques hidden in her body and decides to become a hunter-warrior; a bounty collector employed by the factories of Tiphares.

An OVA was done in 1993 and it spanned 2 episodes. It wasn’t as faithful to the source material, but it did a good job. So going so far back for source material is rather interesting for Hollywood, but it is hoped that it is done right.

The movie does boast a stellar cast including Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly and Rosa Salazar as Alita.

They also gave Alita these awesome anime eyes that look great for me, but i suspect it will not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself


Till later

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