Big Mouth Is Everyone’s Embarrassing Puberty Story

Hey folks. Hope we had a great weekend.

I spent mine binge watching Big Mouth and there was no way in hell I was going to talk about anything else today.

When the trailer for Big Mouth first dropped, it piqued my interest and I added it to my never-ending pile of ‘things to watch’. Strangely enough, after all the episodes dropped in typical Netflix style, I heard a lot of mixed reviews from friends of different demographics. Some people thought it was great, while others felt it was a bit ‘too revealing’ and even argued that it should be canceled.

I decided to give the hype a month to die down and now we’re here. Big Mouth is not the first adult cartoon sitcom to hit our screen and it certainly won’t be the last. Franchises like Family Guy, American Dad, Brickleberry and the more recent BoJack Horseman and Rick & Morty have been doing it for years successfully.

However, Big Mouth (much like BoJack Horseman or Rick & Morty) is in a league of its own and might not be appreciated by everyone. From creators Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, Big Mouth follows the story of three friends and their journey through puberty.

On the surface, it sounds pretty simple but Big Mouth’s approach to this topic is a stroke of genius that would either highly impress you, completely irritate you or leave you absolutely speechless ( the third option is definitely mine).

Nick Birch (voiced by Nick Kroll), Andrew Glouberman (voiced by John Mulaney) and their female best friend Jessi Glaser (voiced by Jessi Klein) are kids going through their early days of puberty. Guided by the Hormone Monster, Hormone Monstress and The Ghost of Duke Ellington (who are the most amazing characters in this show), they try to manage these changes as they interact with other friends and members of their families.

Before I saw Big Mouth, I didn’t have a lot of memories of puberty. The best I could have come up with is that it was a very ‘weird’ and ‘awkward’ part of my existence. After seeing Big Mouth, because of the experiences of these characters, I’m forced to remember some of the things I also experienced at this time and it makes puberty feel ‘embarrassing’ and sometimes even ‘disgusting’.

This feeling makes me understand why there are mixed emotions about the show. Big Mouth is very honest and explicit about these things to the last detail and not a lot of people are willing to relive that stage of their lives.

Nevertheless, this openness makes the show work. A cartoon that tackles issues like masturbation, alcohol, love and lust, porn, coming of age, menstruation, and womanhood (to name a few) without taking itself too seriously and yet makes a point is rare to find.

Big Mouth is witty, funny, random and occasionally bizarre. But, trust me, folks, you won’t find a better show that has human-sized penises running about the place.

Till next time.

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