Broad City: The Curious Case Of Ilana & Lincoln

Broad City gives me so much life.

I’ve talked about the show at the beginning of the season and everything I said about it in my last article still stands. Broad City has been an incredible journey and each episode has a different texture and tone.

As I said in the last rant (see link here), Broad City thrives on organized chaos and randomness. The style of story-telling is unique and most times you forget there is a script because of how personal and fluid the stories feel. Still, in all that randomness, you find missing puzzle pieces from previous episodes that seem to be leading somewhere. This brings us to our chat for today.

Ilana and Lincoln were in a weird romantic loop for the first two seasons and a chunk of the third. This was mostly due to Ilana’s non-committal approach to their relationship which to be fair is how she handles most things in life.

Somewhere along the line, Lincoln asks Ilana to make a commitment and they part ways. The irony of this situation especially when you study the two main characters (Ilana and Abbi) is how different they are in relationships.

Abbi in the first three seasons was desperately looking for love with a decent guy but every time she meets someone, she’s too self-conscious to handle it properly. She usually tries to be who she thinks he wants her to be and that never ends well for her.

Ilana, on the other hand, is always herself (most times to extremes) and this makes her a handful for most guys. Somehow she finds herself with a guy that accepts her for all that she is and she still managed to screw that up.

This is the beauty of Broad City. The subtle lessons and titbits about life that they drop so casually.

Towards the end of the third season and the beginning of this one, it’s evident that Ilana misses Lincoln. This is particularly obvious in episode 4 when she runs into Lincoln at a house party and finds out he’s seeing someone else. Fast forward to episodes 7 & 8, Lincoln is single again (although we don’t know just how much time has passed), Ilana goes back to him and they make it official.

Here I am folks writing an article because, after three seasons and seven episodes, Ilana and Lincoln are finally dating.

Fingers crossed hoping she won’t screw it up (although knowing her, she probably will).

Later folks.


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