Of Bungou Stray Dogs

It was the spring of 2016 and I thought to keep up with the times. In April, I met Bungou Stray Dogs.
The pilot started with Atsushi, a raggedy kid who starts to complain about hunger and yet manages to slip a few jokes by about robbing the next thing he sees. Despite the hunger though, kid has a heart of gold and he doesn’t rob the first helpless person he sees.

Enter Osamu Dazai, the most eccentric of any character you would ever see in this anime. It did not get better than

Dazai. Dazai only grew more insane, with frequent attempts at suicide and joint suicide too.

To balance this madness is Kunikida Doppo who is a serious stickler to logic and common sense (or seems to be in that anime kind of way).


It had a rich sense of humour so I enjoyed joke after joke after joke after prank and dressing down etc.

It did not hit me at first what the writers were doing until I got to the third episode of the first season and met Ryunnosuke Akutagwa and all the bells rang.

Enokido and Asagiri, the writers of the series had created a story out of mere bricolage. The main characters were named after real writers and their abilities were named (sort of based) on the names of a work the writer had published and it did not stop.


From Japan to America, Edogawa to Edgar Allan Poe to Fyodor Dostoyevsky and I would wait for the next character to take on a name I knew so I could see their abilities.

The sheer wonder of having to assemble a story with so stringent a theme was hard work enough to be appreciated (not to mention an increase in the height of my Books To Be Read Column).

Now I think of the big fat fish, Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Leader Of The Guild and Leader of The Renewed Guild, had his headquarters in, I want to write an Nnedi Okorafor into that story.

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