These Changes to One Punch Man Season 2 Will Scare you

Loved One Punch Man?

Hey! So did i?

What are the odds?

Well, i loved it and i’m sure you did too so it was with great excitement that i heard of season 2 and i have since then been determined to follow it.

Well, it’s October 2017 and i’m still waiting. It has been slated to come out next year and fingers crossed that it actually does but that’s not the scary bit; Madhouse will NOT be handling the project.

Now you might wonder if this matters…well, it does. Kinda like how if Game of Thrones became a CW show…you just imagined it and died a little inside didn’t you.

So Madhouse popular for Claymore, Black Lagoon and Death Note will be giving way and in their place comes J.C. Staff. who did Bakuman, Nodame Cantabile and Arslan Senki. So it’s not like J.C. Staff don’t have good rep, you just wonder if it’ll change the show.

There’s also the news that season one’s original director Shingo Natsume won’t be returning, and Chikara Sakurai will instead be taking the helm.

Who knows, maybe this doesn’t mean anything, or maybe it’ll make the show even better, but hey, here i am, fingers crossed and shii hoping for the best.

I’ll watch OPM on Christmas day again and i’ll worry about the changes. Do the changes worry you too?

Till Later


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