Dark Love: The Makoto Shishio And Komagata Yumi Case Study

Love is weird. For the most part we all know of the normal love right? The ‘i would do all i can for you, i love you silly’ etc that you see in most relationships…that’s great, but then there are the other types of love; The Zoning love, the Pervy love and then there’s the Dark Love.

When i say, dark love, i think of the relationship between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen which was pockmarked with problems and which ended in death for both.

You see examples of it from time to time, but it’s a concept that doesn’t really exist in anime. There are times though when you see relationships that are like that; Yagami Light and Misa Amane, the reason i don’t term theirs as dark love is simply because Light never really loved Misa, i think on some level she knew this, but didn’t mind. That’s not dark love, it’s just one-sided.

And then you have Makoto Shishio and Komagata Yumi

These two (from Samurai X) were lovers who fought together (more Shishio than Yumi) and tried to take over Japan due to Shishio’s quest for revenge. They are the main antagonists of the Kyoto arc of Samurai X.

Theirs is a story of dark love. Shishio was the hitokiri (assassin) that took over Kenshin’s role as the killer in the dark when Kenshin decided to stop his manslaying ways. He was manipulative and obsessed with power something that his employers (the Meiji government) were well aware of and therefore they made the decision to kill him. It almost worked, but he survived despite being burnt alive. naturally he had a bone to pick with them and from thence came his ambition to take over Japan and impose his rule.

Yumi, on the other hand, was a prostitute who was doing pretty well for herself till the government classed prostitutes as no better than commodity at which point Yumi dumped her profession.

Shishio was responsible for the death of Yumi’s family, but she doesn’t seem to mind much. She stays with Shishio despite his unsightly nature and she’s well and truly in love with him going as far as giving her life for him.

This for me was the intriguing part. Shishio stabbed through her to impale Kenshin and the thought was ‘wow, what a douche, using your girlfriend to get at your enemy’ but two things (1) Yumi expected it and did not mind and (2) Shishio knew she’d understand and did it even though it was something that was going to hurt him even if he’d won.

The thing is, Shishio loved her! not even a little bit, but a lot. This was a woman who loved him despite his scars, not so much for his power, just for his person. In a sense, i reckon he was grateful to have a beautiful woman by his side who legit cared for him. From Yumi’s perspective, you can also see that she wasn’t with Shishio for the money, she cared, she was willing to die and what more, when they all died they legit plotted to take over hell together (LOL)

A love that transcends even death. The relationship between Shishio and Yumi is one that tugs at my heartstrings because while i don’t want to impale my paramour while fighting my nemesis in a bid to kill him, i do want a woman who’d love me even if i was in bandages with ridiculous 3rd-degree burns. It’s a love anyone would want.

So what if it’s between villains, everyone deserves some sort of love right?

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