DC Tv: The Crisis On Earth X Crossover Trailer is Here, Should We Be Excited About Nazi Doppelgängers

Apparently, there is an Earth 53 with Nazi’s in control. What a Wawu

The trailer for the DC crossover of all the tv shows on the CW is out.

With all of our favorite or to be fair, caricatures of what we expect our favorite DC Super Heroes should look like.

We are kuku(Just pretend this is not here if you are not Nigerian) glad that there are even multiple TV shows based on DC characters even though the stories are majorly CW type stories with all the drama that comes with it. To be fair, Supernatural gets a pass.

CW- DC Characters ghengheun

© The CW

The DC crossover next week which starts on Monday 27th November 2017 will have our heroes of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and The Legends Of Tomorrow come together to fight their doppelgängers on an earth in the multiverse where the Nazi’s won World War II and control everything.

© The CW Evil Supergirl.

© The CW

All this while Barry Allen(The Flash) and Iris West (Candice Patton)  are busy trying to get married which unites the heroes of DC TV universe all in the same place for the first time ever to celebrate their ( Barry and Iris) wedding in Central City.

Unfortunately for them( It could be a fortunate thing though since we haven’t seen the whole thing) Nazi troopers invade before the vows can be exchanged.

Which leads to the beginning of 4 hours what we hope is not a less than amazing of a movie which will be a connection of all the various time slots of the TV shows of each of our main heroes Green Arrow, Supergirl, Flash and their friends facing invaders fro, Earth-X which is an alternate timeline where The Nazis won World War II.

I personally hope to actually have a blast watching it. I hope oo as I also might just be disappointed.

Here is the trailer below.



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