Why Eleven From Stranger Things Is A More Realistic Telekinetic Than Jean Grey From X-Men Apocalypse

That’s a pretty long title yeah?

Well in the spirit of Strange Things nostalgia, I thought it’d be fun to talk about this. Also if I’m being totally honest, I have a lot of built up anger against the last X-men movie.

X-men Apocalypse is the sequel to the relatively impressive X-men: Days Of Future’s Past and it was a disappointment on so many levels. I’m not here to talk about all my gripes with the movie but while I was watching Stranger Things two I couldn’t help but draw some comparison with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and Jean Grey (Sophie Turner).

Before I move on, I think it’s important to define telekinesis. Telekinesis is simply the ability to move matter with one’s mind, it generally falls under ESP (Extra-Sensory-Perception) and it manifests in different ways through a variety of characters in comics, cartoons, TV, movie, and games.

For this comparison, I am not focusing on any other versions of Jean Grey (from past movies, comics or games) but strictly on Sophie Turner’s version of the character. We also have to remember that Eleven (now known as Jane) was born human and experimented on while Jean Grey was born a mutant so some elements of comparison would not apply.

Eleven’s nosebleed, for example, is a side-effect of the strain her ability has on her and it would be unfair to use to this as a measure of ‘realistic’ in isolation.

However, the fact is that Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey generally doesn’t show any difficulty in using her ability which is a tad weird because in the timeline she is relatively new at least compared to her older counterpart in previous movies.

In the spirit of fairness, let’s look at two scenes from both X-men Apocalypse and Stranger Things 2.

At the end of X-men Apocalypse, Apocalypse had defeated the X-men and Professor X told Jean to use her ‘power’. Any fan of the comics or cartoons would know that he was talking about the Phoenix. While watching for the first time, tried to ignore the fact that Professor Charles Xavier was asking Jean Grey to unleash the Phoenix (which would never happen) and waited to see where it would go.

Jean unleashes the Phoenix on Apocalypse after walking on air for a bit and letting out a guttural scream. Again I ignored the shitty CGI and visual effects and waited to see how it would end.

When Apocalypse was defeated, Jean Grey landed on her two feet and ‘ran’ to check on Professor X who was on the ground weak from his battle with Apocalypse.

That was the point I gave up.

I screamed ‘What the hell?’

First off, they spent the last 20 minutes of this movie trying to beat this guy. How can you have that kind of secret weapon without any side effects?

No fainting. No dizziness. No weakness. Nothing.

I waited, folks. I waited to see if at the end she would show any signs of slowing down.

In the very next scene, she was rebuilding the X-men mansion with Magneto like nothing happened.

Stranger Things 2 had a similar scene towards the end (for the sake of those who haven’t seen it I’ll try to say less) and there is an obvious difference in approach. It’s very easy to see the strain it put on her and it made the scene carry a lot more weight.

It’s okay to be extremely powerful and all but when performing extreme feats especially against forces that are as powerful or more powerful than you are, it only makes sense to show some strain and side effects.

Thinking about it is pissing me off again.


Later Folks.

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