Be Excited Guys, Release Date for Boku No Hero Academia Revealed + Made In Abyss Season 2 Loading

Okay so who’s excited this morning? I am!

Boku no Hero Academia (or your Hero Academia…shrugs) is returning for a 3rd season! Yatta! But you already knew that, what we didn’t know was when. Well, now that’s no longer a mystery as it has been announced that it will be coming out in April next year.

The hugely popular series just finished its second season this year in April and it was a 2 cour season and with season 3 slated for April, the suspicion is that it would be another 2 cour season which is 24 episodes of quality.

The “My Hero Academia: U.A. School [Heroes’ Cultural] Festival” event confirmed this on Sunday. The season will cover the forest school trip arc from Kōhei Horikoshi‘s original manga.

So guys, be very excited.

That’s not the only good news as it has also been confirmed that Made In Abyss will be getting a second season.

The sleeper hit (my favourite of the year at the moment) was hugely popular and now we can look forward to the return of the cute chibi characters….and OZEN (lovey dovey eyes)

The “Deep in Abyss Katari” event for the Made in Abyss franchise announced this on Sunday  with a trailer which featured Bondrewd.

With all this happening, then 2018 is certainly an anime year i look forward to.

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