Why Fairy Tail Zero Is Actually A Tragic Anime

I love Fairy Tail.

It annoys the crap out of me, but at the end of the day it’s an anime i love very much. From the characters (Erza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grey, Gildarts et al [No Natsu on the list]), to the music (i almost cry when they play some songs on the damn place), to some of the fights (Erza vs 100 demons anyone?), i love it.

When i first started watching it, i thought it was a balanced show which wasn’t afraid to kill a few characters (Lisanna, Simon.)

Then, of course, this changed as Lisanna came back to life (Simon stayed dead, but don’t lie that you didn’t have a sneaky feeling that he’d come back) and then everyone refused to die–Tch!

But then at the tail end (pun intended) of the show, there was a 10 episode interlude that was Fairy Tail Zero. This tells the story of how Mavis Vermilion formed the Fairy Tail guild with her friends. Not getting into it in detail, but it explains a lot about how Mavis became the way she was and everything in between.

Normally you’d call Fairy Tail a happy anime where everyone survives even at the brink of death and if you watch Fairy Tail Zero you might be tempted to think the same–at first.

But Fairy Tail Zero IS TRAGIC

Like by the time i was done and i gave it some thought i was miserable.

Why do i think so? Well, FTZ ends with Mavis, Yuri Dreyer (Makarov’s dad), Precht and Warrod saving Magnolia from the clutches of the Blue Skull guild and forming Fairy Tail so they all lived happily ever after right? WRONG

I noticed when at the end a voiceover started talking about the events that occurred after the guild was formed.

By the time i put two on two together i was distressed.

Below are the reasons why i think FTZ is a tragic anime

Mavis Didn’t Live to See 30

The character of Mavis Vermillion was already a bit tragic. She lost her parents as a kid, lost her entire village before she was even 10 and her one friend was a figment of her imagination. This means that by the time Yuri and co come on the island, Mavis had been living alone for almost 7 years!



As if that’s not bad enough, she now has these new friends and they go adventuring together, she’s happy and all and then again disaster strikes and while saving Yuri after he becomes the Blue Dragon she loses the ability to grow. This was as a result of using Fairy Law an extremely powerful piece of magic before she was ready to. So she was confined to the body of a 13-year-old  for the rest of her life– but she didn’t even get to live that long. According to the voiceover Fairy Tail was established in April 686, 3 months later she was already in a war (Second trade war) and by March 696 Mavis already had her grave built in Tenroujima meaning that from the formation of Fairy Tail till her death there was a period of 10 years and if she formed Fairy Tail at age 13 that means she was 23 when she died.


How’s that even fair?

So she lived 23 short years and only roughly 5 of those years (not even sure of this number) were lived in happiness.

Yuri Dreyar Didn’t Live to be 40

Yuri Dreyar is Makarov’s dad and is the noise maker on the group. He’s crafty, powerful and brash. He was fun to watch over the course of the show, but then again at the end we learn that he dies in no time. His age is never actually revealed (in the anime at least, dunno about the manga) but he was a teenager, so even if we say he was 19 and he died in year 700 that’s 14 years after Fairy Tail was formed meaning he was around 33 (that’s if he was 19, he could have been younger)


Precht Went on to Become a Dark Wizard

It’d have been nice to really understand what drove Precht to the dark side, we see him as a quiet but devoted member of the guild and for him to have been chosen as Master of the guild means Mavis must have seen some good in him. But think about it, a newly formed guild, the first master whom everyone loved dies 10 years in, you’re probably still mourning and then four years later your close friend follows suit.

How would you take that?

Then you think about Warrod. He lost his friends too and then a little while after he loses Precht too (his going over to the dark side was more or less death in a sense), so Warrod retires and goes to live with the plants he loves so much. That must have been painfully difficult.


By the time i mulled all of this i was sad, like really sad and it kinda changed the way i saw Fairy Tail as a whole. That sense of brotherhood matters because you never know how much time you have with the ones you love and so every second counts.

I appreciated Fairy Tail a whole lot more while i thought of it. I still love Fairy Tail, but i don’t think i’ll be giving FTZ another watch, it’s way too sad for me. You can let me know what you think in the comments, agree? disagree? We can always talk about it.


Till later


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