Flash Season 4 Episode 1 Rant: Wait Iris I Have A Question?

Just Incase you did not know, The DC Tv universe has kick-started with Supergirl showing on Mondays while Flash & Legends of tomorrow air on Tuesdays.

So Flash aired on Tuesday and well i was excited to see how Barry Allen will be rescued from the speed force he so willingly went into so as to pay for his speed since leaving Iris heart broken.

Speed sins, is it okay to call it the Flash speed sins?

Anyway, Barry (The Flash) has willingly gone into the speed force prison while Wally and Cisco are left to fight crime in central City. Teaming up with Iris and Wally’s father Joe West.

The team in the first few scenes seemed to be handling things alright.

Kid Flash and Vibe

Until a samurai that could cause a mini earthquake with his sword (supposedly a Meta-Human) comes to disrupt the achievements of Team Flash when he asked for Barry and told Wally he was not the Flash.

So here is my question.

How did Iris get to Star Labs so fast after sighting the Samurai at her house? She sees the Samurai dude fly past her apartment and it took the same time Wally and Cisco got to where the Samurai dude was using their powers to get to Star Labs. What a Wawu!

From Here

Iris West

To Here


Well except Wally transported Iris there first.

Anyway the episode was not really bad apart from the CGI which was obvious when Wally was running and the cheesy acting which we are all used to by now.

Cisco modified his Speed force Bazooka to help get Barry out of the Speed Force and well it almost did not work so they thought. Go and watch “eet” if you haven’t.

Although the way they are treating Wally as second fiddle is becoming weird. No body to scream run Wally Run just because they want to keep Barry as the main character instead of rapidly developing Wally’s character as the best Flash in the comics.


I am trying not to over spoil anything so that people who haven’t watched it can.


Okay Bye. If you have seen it. What did you think?

Was this even a rant?







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