Four Reasons Why The Remake Of IT May Be Better Than The Original

So, we enter a new week in the month of November, hoping that the weekend had one extra day and hating every bit of the stress that Monday brings (unless you work from home, then you don’t have much to worry about).

Apparently, I am here writing from the corner of my desk on a movie I happened to be late to see (because I put it off until the last minute) and also find myself making a swift comparison with its older version (a version that pretty much scarred my childhood and got me eternally scared of drainage in the evenings)….yes, you may have an idea of the movie I am talking about. yes…that movie. the one that had a demon clown that ate children in it. IT

IT, as the name implies (since the author Stephen King has deemed a wonderful fit to terrify us with something we can’t actually tie a gender to…) takes on the plot the story of seven ‘losers’ who band together as children to take on a supernatural creature that feeds on fear. They return to the town years later, as adults, to finish what they started or at least that’s what the novel told us.

However, the movies took a slightly different twist with the kids having to fight the clown (and their fears of course….there would be no fun in just fighting a shapeshifting demon clown without the scary stuff thrown in for a good measure).


Now it is usually difficult for movie remakes to live up to the original (usually because of a few tweaks here and there that change the viewer experience) but this movie remake may have lived up to, if not even surpassed the original movie.

So without much ado, I wish just get right to the point and give my seven (counts fingers) reasons why the remake of this movie may be better than its original made in 1980.

1. Child acting was good: I will be hardpressed to complain about any of the kid’s acting….I had nothing to say to be honest. The acting was markedly smooth with no loopholes (in my opinion….or I may have skipped it..I dunno). Seth Green and Finn Wolfhard did a marvelous job (Finn may have been a tad bit mellow though).

2. Pennywise the clown: This character is one of the scariest characters in horror literature and was well portrayed by Bill Skarsgard (Yeah, Bill….I think you overdid it). Pennywise was frightening throughout, even when trying to appear nice to Georgie in the beginning. His Pennywise was more manic, more crazed than Tim Curry’s version (those eyes though…..*shivers*).

3. Good Directing: I am not entirely a movie buff….but I do know good work when I see one and when I heard that it was Andres Muschietti that was behind it (fun fact: he is the same guy that directed Mama), I had to duff my hat (removes hat again for good measure).

4. The Humour: Let me be honest, the movie had its hilarious parts too….It wasn’t all dark, with blood, gore and screaming…there were really cheeky one-liners and comical acts thrown in. That’s probably not what you’d expect from a horror film that’s designed around tension and a sour tone. However, the best horror movies are the ones that set the scene through creating believable, loveable characters. We need to care about the victims in a horror movie, which is why levity and pathos are necessary to help us warm to a film’s protagonists.

In case you had any doubt, you could watch the movie yourself to get a feel of the horror itself (there’s plenty of room for this movie to scare you and whoever you choose to watch it with).

Have fun and don’t forget to watch it at midnight ;P




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