Why Do I Get A CW Type Vibe On The New Marvel’s Runaways TV Show

So, I got around to watching the first three episodes of Marvel’s The Runaways and well, I almost thought I was on the CW for a second.

This is not a review but just me having a conversation with anyone who is reading this. More like my reaction.

Marvel’s The Runaways is a set of teenagers who mistakenly discover their parents are evil villains.

The story starts with a girl who apparently ran away from home and is about to be attacked by some street guys when she is rescued by women from a kinda church who promise to take care of her.

The men who were attacking her before she was rescued then say she was better off with them than with the women which led me to think it was a kinda cultish lingo to which the men know what is going on in the church.

The story jumps six months into the future where there are multiple families who apparently are rich and their kids are grieving the death of someone they love (CW style).

The kids from what was insinuated were good friends at one point in their lives and then teenage life caught up with them and the laws of community separate them.

The Jock joins the Jock crew, the nerd well is on his own, the goth walls herself from the world, the nerd chick kinda likes the jock and well he is too busy being a jock to have her time, there is the daughter of the owner of the church who is conflicted like most of us were as teenagers about her religion.

Long and short of this party, teenage wahala that happens in high schools just as we have seen in One Tree Hill kinda takes over.

Alex Wilder who is trying to get the band back together invites them to the house to hang out later as all their parents will be at his place. This leads to the whole teenage whining of teenagers being teenagers and talking about how they even wonder how they became friends in the first place with teenage type soundtracks.

It turns out that they are all unhappy, find themselves going to Alex’s house and well one thing led to another and they witness their parents sacrificing a girl.

I am just writing about the teenage kini which is not much.When I get my thoughts together i will write a more cohesive review of the episodes so far.

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