‘Gotta Sell Them All’ As Pokemon Franchise Hits 300 Million Game Copies Sold In 21 years

Good afternoon folks, so I was playing Pokemon Go yesterday afternoon on my phone (yes, I am probably one of the few hundred Nigerians who still do) when a friend called my attention to an article about the franchise released on Friday last week.

The article simply states that the franchise had just hit a sales milestone of 300 million copies in 21 years of its existence….(jaw-dropping right?) since the first games, Pokemon Red and Blue, were released in 1996.

As one of the first sorts of games and animes that kids are likely to watch nowadays, the Pokemon franchise is unquestionably one of the most recognizable franchises that Nintendo owns, alongside other franchises like Mario, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda. Each new generation of games often sells millions of copies, and the constantly-increasing number of Pokemon (802 as of this generation) is a running joke among its fanbase. The total Pokemon sales of Ultra Sun and Moon reached 1.2 million, just in Japan, in its first three days of release (this is understandable because it is the home country of the game itself and the rest of us are sorta like outlander participants).

Referring to games released between February 1996 and November 2017, the company’s president, Ishihara Tsuneaka said that the figure included global sales of Pokemon games, including downloads. It doesn’t, however, include sales or figures relating to the mobile smash hit Pokemon Go.

This brings me back to Pokemon Go. Lately, there has been an increased criticism of the game as a result of research indicating the increased incidences of accidents while the game is being played (what were all the in-game safety messages for then?).

As intelligent humans, we really should be careful when playing games with our geo-locators because of the inherent risks that come with it (for those that still play it ) and I hear that there is a ho-ho exp raid somewhere in Japan (Femi and Billy, come and buy my plane ticket o).

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