Inuyashiki First Thoughts: It has a Cyborg Grandpa as The Protagonist, what’s not to Like?

Okay, so from the moment i heard that Inuyashiki was going to be made into an anime i got excited. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve never read the manga, but i had read the premise and i was intrigued especially with the idea of an older protagonist and a young ‘Yagami Light’ looking character as the antagonist.

So it came out and i had a chance to look at it. I had fears since it was made by the same minds behind Gantz and while Gantz was pretty fun in its way, i ultimately can’t say i was a fan of Gantz, so i was a tad scared.

But if the first episode is anything to go by then maybe i have nothing to worry about. It takes the best of Gantz and has a nice bit of heart to it.

Ichirou Inuyashiki is a down on his luck man with a sucky job, a family that doesn’t care about him and what more he was given 3 months to live.

I really felt his pain. The first 10 minutes or so showed just how crappy things were for him and he seemed like a decent guy so i felt a rush of empathy towards him.

All this changed though after a flash of light changed his life forever. Suddenly he was this cyborg who could shoot things and had the whole Iron Man sort of AI inside of him.

The scope of the change is yet to be seen as not much happened since he got his new powers, but it sets up an interesting story. He did something pretty cool at the end and seeing his reaction to what he did was heartwarming. Ichirou has a heart of Gold and i think i’ll like him a lot.

And if you hate all of that: HE’S A GUN-TOTING¬†CYBORG GRANDPA!


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