James Franco Made Me Smile On The Latest Episode Of The Deuce

If you haven’t started watching James Franco’s the Deuce. You better start now.

The Deuce is about the rise of the porn industry in America and how the law relaxed boundaries on what should be shown and not be shown in porn.

The show is amazingly good as the last episode which was episode 7 was like the best episode of the Deuce yet. Like by far.

The episode is a combination of funny, kinda sad, sexy, super entertaining. You will not want to skip a part of it till you are done.

The episode titled “Au Reservoir” which I can assume the name points to the fact that one of the prostitutes decided she was done with the whole wahala (troubles) of being enslaved to a pimp.

Let me just add that James Franco directed this episode and I was feeling multiple emotions because he actually did an amazing job directing it.

His knack for finding warmth and mixing it with entertainment at the same time is something to be amazed by.

Let us not forget screenwriter Megan Abbott as she deserves most of the credit for writing an incredible show. Also including George Pelecanos, Richard Price and Lisa Lutz.

The writing in this episode was so good that the other 6 episodes will be jealous.

The episode got me laughing when Paul and Abby trick Frankie(Played by James Franco as the other half of a twin) into taking Ashley on a date to the premiere of a gay porn movie titled Boys in the Sand. The guy (Frankie) went ballistic when he realised he had been tricked and walked out of the theatre.

Outside the theatre he was having a panic attack, Ashley who he brought with him teases him and he said “Couldn’t follow the plot” as he jokes in return. “Guy was dreaming about dick”, and, pff, dick would appear,” Ashley then explains. “I thought it was kind of artistic … but it was a lot of dick”.

Every line made me laugh hard. Both characters gave amazing punch lines where you just had to smile or laugh.

There is this part where Ashley tells Abby she’s got a sister in the upstate of New York town of Lackawanna whom she’s never visited and when Abby asks “Why didn’t you see her?” Abby replies with “Lack o’ wanna.

More jokes came when Eileen (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and her porn mentor Harvey were directing performers in the porn they were shooting which featured Lori who is new. “I think they are hungry?”Eileen Says, “You are the shop steward now?” Harvey replies. “Hey who is hungry?” she shouts as the actors were doing the do and looking exhausted.

“I am actually really very hungry”, replies the lead actor while he was thrusting midway into Lori.

Eileen/Candy then proceeds to replace the green sheets of the bed they were using on the set with red ones as she said it’s “a horny color – you ever seen a car ad?” Harvey the with sigh says “All of a sudden i am working with Marshall MCluhan,”

When the food break does not do the trick, the director (Harvey) sighs in exhaustion: ” I know it’s a long damn day, and fucking is the last thing anybody wants to do anymore….”

Candy then proceeds to direct the male actor on a better way to make Lori comfortable and the scene suddenly started getting better as Lori started enjoying the sex.

All in all, the episode was a fun watch.

If you haven’t been watching the show. You should totally check it out from episode one if you love guilty pleasures.







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