Joe Hill’s Locke & Key: Welcome To Lovecraft – Issues 1&2

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Today I am going to talk about something I’ve been itching to share for quite some time.

In the world of Horror and Thriller books, it’s difficult to make a list of authors without mentioning Stephen King. Over the years, he’s become a master of the genre with over seventy books under his belt.

One thing a lot of people might not know is that Stephen King has two sons who are also established authors namely Joe Hill and Owen King. Following their father’s footsteps, they also write horror, thriller and dark fantasy.

Joe Hill took things a step further and entered the world of comic books, which brings us to why we’re here today.

In 2008, Joe Hill released the first volume of the Locke & Key series. Locke & Key is a comic series published by IDW Publishing. Locke & Key is a collaborate project between Joe Hill (who wrote the story) and artist Gabriel Rodriguez.

There are six volumes of Locke & Key and each volume has quite a number of issues in them. Today I’m going to talk about the first two issues of Volume 1 and as time goes on (if I’m the mood), I just might talk about the rest.

Locke & Key starts with the family of Rendell Locke in their home. Rendell is married to a Nina and they have three kids, two boys, and a girl. A psychotic killer named Sam Lesser who happened to be an acquaintance of Rendell’s first son Tyler comes to their home with Al Grubb and murders Rendell.

In an attempt to kill the rest of the family, Rendell’s wife Nina kills Al and Tyler knocks Sam unconscious. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to save their dad and after he is cremated, Duncan Locke (Rendell’s younger brother) and Nina decide to move the family to their ancestral home called ‘Keyhouse’ in Lovecraft Massachusetts so they can start a new life.

The entire family is having a tough time dealing with their father’s death particularly the kids. Tyler becomes distant and Kinsey Locke the second child/only daughter is obviously in a lot of pain. The third child Bode Locke is still quite young so he doesn’t feel the weight of the loss as much as the older siblings or the adults in the house.

Bode spends his time exploring the house (since the grownups don’t have time for him anyway) until he finds a strange key. The key opens a door that allows Bode’s soul to leave his body when he walks through.

At first, he’s afraid staring at his dead body on the ground. Eventually, he starts to enjoy it and spies on everyone in the house while in ghost form. He decides that this will be a good opportunity to find his Dad and starts to draw a comic about his out of body experience in school.

Meanwhile, Sam Lesser, Rendell’s killer who is now imprisoned keeps talking to a strange figure in the sink of his prison cell. He tells the figure that he did what it asked and he wants what he was promised.

Bode’s comic upsets his teacher in school and she tells Bode to stop drawing the comics. She ignores him for the most part and thinks it’s all a figment of his imagination. Bode tries to talk to his siblings but they don’t listen to him either so he keeps exploring the house or playing ghost in his free time.

He finds a well in the compound where he hears a voice that calls to him from inside the well and saying it’s his ‘echo’. He tells his mum but as always she doesn’t believe him so he goes back to the well later in ghost form and enters to find a woman there. She tells him she was his echo and she used to be his dad’s echo when he was a kid.

She also tells him to visit her again when he was in human form. When he comes back to see her, she tells him about various doors with various keys that can open different places. She also asks him to drop a mirror and a pair of scissors into the well for her and he obeys.

We then see Sam Lesser talking to his prison sink again as a pair of scissors appears in the pool of water.

After that….

Well, that’s the end of Issue 2.

Sounds like fun yeah?

Catch you later, folks.

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