Kakashi Hatake is the greatest teacher that ever lived…said NO ONE EVER.


If you are a Naruto nut like me (I highly doubt you are nutty like me) and you are also an insane lover of the most beautiful white-haired character (which I might probably be gay for), you would know well enough to know that he was perfect in all things, except that time he tried to use the sharingan to fight Itachi (Insert laugh). That was among the (bravest) stupidest thing any Naruto character ever tried to do (but of course it is still better than using genjutsu on Itachi Uchiha). Hence the following photo is not endorsed.

Even so, Kakashi was still glorious. But when it came to teaching, arguments break loose in camp.

Let’s look at the events, objectively (lol).

  • Kakashi had never taught anyone before. There was a gasp of terror when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura were assigned to him. He had never passed anyone into the Benin class. So, yeah, he was kind of a rookie in this respect. (It is not by reading novels).

  • He was taught by Minato. Minato said it himself, he wasn’t a good teacher at all. Minato must have ‘yellowflashed’ through the lessons because members his team pretty much ruined his life. Kakashi cloned this style of teaching properly. His students pretty much went out of hand.

  • Apart from chakra climbing exercises, what else did he really teach Naruto anyway? Chidori was passed on to Sasuke properly. What did Sakura gain from all this? I wonder.
  • Team 7 didn’t even go on many missions together (and yes I watched the fillers). He was excellent at playing pranks on them but Team 7 obviously wasn’t the Kakashi’s first priority.


  • Kakashi was only around to carry Naruto after a battle. Why was Sasuke lost again? Why couldn’t he bridge the gap widening between Naruto and Sasuke? Bad Teaching habits, I tell ya.

But wait there Kakashi-Bad-Teacher left wingers! Kakashi and Yamato oversaw Naruto’s Rasenshuriken¬†(during which Kakashi ran off again to fight Kakuzu and Hidan alongside Ino-Shika-Cho? Sure!)¬†

  • Kakashi was there to carry Naruto on his back after Naruto’s fight with Pain.

  • Who took Naruto to see the Raikage when Naruto wanted to beg on behalf of Sasuke’s life eh? Who did? (shakes fist)
  • Who was commander of the Brigade eh? (Okay that does not count as a teaching achievement. Please ignore.)

Kakashi was a romantic. Please, let him be.

(stare at this picture of Kakashi and tell me about imperfection one more time).

Kakashi was…well…he focused not on making them stronger. I mean these were kids of destiny trained by the Sannins. Kakashi was their good foundation, teaching them what scum meant and what worse than scum meant which was and is pertinent to the Will of Fire.


Okay you tell me.

Was Kakashi a really terrible teacher?

Or was he so awesome that his awesomeness did not let him become a normal teacher?

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