Kakegurui: Just goes to show that Batsh*t Crazy Protagonists are the Best

Welcome to the new week and oday we’re talking Jabami Yumeko and her absolute craziness.

If you haven’t seen Kakegurui, you totally should.

On the outside Hyakkaou Private Academy looks like a normal, posh prep school with rich kids and weird habits. Dig a little deeper and you’ll find out it’s filled with depraved kids who love nothing more than to gamble. Everything is controlled by gambling; Social status, student council positions and so on.


It kinda feels like No Game, No life in which the world was dictated by games. Hyakkou feels the same but it is more concentrated on gambling. What the crazy school (with all the people making contorted faces) don’t know is that the nice-looking, innocent chic that just transferred in is the greatest sociopath of them all.

Jabami Yumeko, is a super smart, super rich, gambling addict who is just as depraved as the rest of them and i like her simply because she gives off the air of Alucard  from Hellsing with that air of invincibility. She is not invincible of course, but it almost feels like any defeat she suffers is of her own volition and that she’s only letting you win.

She is mysterious as little is known of her past and motivations, she just seems really rich, unfazed by anything and bent on taking down the student council.


Many might complain that Yumeko is flat as a character and while i haven’t seen what i’d call character growd from her, it doesn’t seem like she’s the one being focused on for that (Suzui Ryouta being more of the fleshed out character in terms of growth)

I think Kakegurui is a good watch, i’m glad i picked it up, it’s weird how gambling makes all the characters act like their in some crazy hentai, but hey, if Shougeki no Soma can have clothes exploding over food, what harm can a little gambling do.

Till later.

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