Kenshin Himura: The Greatest Samurai to Ever Grace Anime?

Okay as i’ve mentioned again and again, i am indeed watching Rurouni Kenshin again and for an anime that was made in 1996, it has aged pretty well.

In this day and age of crisp animation and fancy effects, the weird still sequences of Samurai X look dated, but still somewhat relevant.

I love Samurai X. I watch it every year and every time i watch it, i ask myself; Is Kenshin Himura anime’s greatest Samurai?

This is a subjective question i am sure everyone would have their answers. Kenshin is amazing. For me he’s one of the best. I know there are other Samurais such as Juubei from Ninja Scroll, Mugen and glasses guy from Samurai Champloo, Sengoku Basara and those depressing guys from Shigurui (shudders) but Kenshin just has an appeal, a humanity and he’s just so damn good.

Question now is which Kenshin would actually be able to stand his own against the other bad guys; Normal Kenshin or OVA Kenshin (Battousai).

In the Samurai X story he had reformed himself and had vowed to stop killing, a vow he was able to keep to the very end, but that mercy hindered him somewhat and you have to ask yourself, wouldn’t he have been stronger if he was still Battousai?

For instance, look at his fight with Hajime Saito


Everyone has been going on and on about how it was a draw and Kenshin really struggled, this was true, but imagine for a second he was willing to kill Saito would Saito really have lasted?

Please, we all know bros would have had his head loped off if it wasn’t a reverse blade sword…the same sword he used to fight and defeat Makoto Shishio.

So i’ve always had this respect for Kenshin because he always sorta fought with a handicap. I wonder if any of the other great anime Samurai could have coped with the same handicap. Maybe GintokiĀ i can’t think of anyone else.

So i’ve ranted, i feel Kenshin is the greatest anime Samurai of all time and not just because of skills, he had finesse and was gracious to a fault, he was fun to watch and a huge part of my childhood.

Do you agree? Do you disagree, please feel free to sound off in the comments below, let’s have a conversation.

Till later.

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