Kevin Spacey Dropped From Movie Cast Amidst New Allegation

A new twist has apparently been added to the Spacey scandal as the Kevin Spacey has been dropped like a hot potato for a role he had originally been cast in.

Kevin Spacey Fowler, who according to the Daily Sun was one of Hollywood’s most decorated actors and well known for roles in acclaimed films such as The Usual Suspects and American Beauty as well as the Netflix series, House of Cards.

However, his reputation is all but tarnished with the series of allegations that seems to be floating towards him with neck breaking speed after his initial fall from grace with a scandal that has set in motion a series of events that may end his illustrious career if not handled properly.

As fresh allegations of sexual harassment against a teenage boy were directed at the double Oscar-winning Spacey, the reports that the actor is being cut out of Ridley Scott’s forthcoming film about oil magnate J Paul Getty All The Money In The World, and replaced by Christopher Plummer little more than a month before its release.


Sources close to the production group indicated that all the scenes where Spacey featured would be reshot with Christopher Plummer in his stead.

This comes as the latest addition to the already stinky dogpile of sexual harassment accusations leveled against the actor by Actor Anthony Rapp, Kris Nixon and seven others which has already left the renowned actor with a very damaged credibility (Hopefully, he navigates this properly and survives….rising from the ashes like a phoenix reborn).

While the evidence looks all real and sticky, I want to believe he will come out of this without too much damage done (damage limitation is the only way forward as it is).






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