Let’s Talk About Jimmy & Gretchen’s Dysfunctional Relationship On You’re The Worst

If you have not been watching you’re the worst, I highly recommend it if you are looking for an escape when it comes to relationships and thinking out of the box.

You’re the worst is about the dysfunctional couple, Jimmy and Gretchen. How they are like terrible people but find a balance between the two of them.

Jimmy and Gretchen

Gretchen is a PR manager who is always high on drugs and watches a lot of porn. Sleeps with men way older than her and is completely numb to the world while Jimmy is a British writer who thinks about only himself and well, sees absolutely nothing wrong in anything he does.

This season of you’re the worst starts a few months after Jimmy proposed to Gretchen to which she said yes and Jimmy drove off living her hanging.

Months have passed, Jimmy is back and wants to pick up where they left off and well Gretchen is trying to move on and when you hurt someone like Gretchen and she is trying to spite you, you can literally expect the worst.

This season so far as seen Jimmy try to atone for his mistakes in his own way while Gretchen who still lives with him based on the fact that she actually paid him rent to stay at his house.

Yes, when they were dating she paid him rent.

Anyway, Gretchen is sleeping with this dude constantly in the house while Jimmy tries to distract himself with the hope that she will come to her senses.

Gretchen asks the dude she is sleeping with to make the relationship more meaningful “Going down a road” as she says and the new potential boyfriend agrees. This then prompts Gretchen to call Jimmy and they talk on the phone till they fell asleep.

Gretchen is all loved up the next morning and Jimmy is on the same level. Jimmy gets home and well his friends burst his bubble by telling him how Gretchen was with the other guy and his daughter (Ah yes he actually brought his daughter).

This prompts Jimmy to invite a woman to the house and well at the end of the latest episode, they were having sex when Gretchen walks in on them as she was looking forward to seeing Jimmy. Actually, she was at the door and they did not see her as they were too focused on the mummy and daddy they were doing.

She is about to storm off when she stops to listen to the grunts of the two people f**king. She walks back and well slips her hand in her panties and tells herself “What is wrong with me”.

The End.




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