Light Novels : Curing Anime Drought Since Forever

I was one time afflicted with worst of all misfortunes. A very rare one. There was a time that I was sincerely fooled into thinking that I had no time to watch Anime. Every responsible otaku knows that Anime is simply Time spelt wrongly. There is always time to anime but I didn’t know that.
It was at this time that I turned to the closest thing to Anime I could manage. Light Novels.


For me, (and this is not a standard definition) Light novels were Anime in book form that could also come in mp3 as audio books. This was how I managed the misfortune at that time.



Light novels really are novels targeted at the young adult demographic. They could easily be called the Japanese form of YA, primally featuring teenagers and young people (and their problems). Light novels evolved from pulp fiction magazines and are often illustrated with manga/anime art style before chapters or randomly in between chapters. They are often adapted into anime or manga or adapted from these mediums (Sasuke Shinden for example, I read this light novel and dreamed the entire thing in one night and was convinced that I had seen it in the Naruto Anime. Yes! Light novels are quite powerful like that).



With their small sizes (both in word count and actual book sizes), Light novels pander to their audiences and have evolved into a much popular form of presentation as a result.

I used to cop three-four light novels on my excellent days. They were instrumental in getting me to my goal of reading a lot of novels within an impossible period of time (or anime, haha).


I remember finishing Tokyo Ghoul Void and thinking that, it won’t be bad if this genre could develop in Nigeria.

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