Is Marvel’s Inhumans Really So Bad?

Marvel’s Inhumans has been suffering a lot of negative backlash since the release of the teaser trailer.

There were a lot of complaints about the way the show looked visually and no one could blame the fans because they were correct. The sad thing is that ABC Studios who are responsible for the series also belongs to Marvel so its safe to say that fans expected a lot more than what they were getting. Personally, I try not to judge a book by its cover so I waited to see the pilot episode before forming an opinion.

Before I give my opinion, I need to give this topic some context. This isn’t the first time the Inhumans are appearing on screen. At end of AGENTS OF SHIELD (AoS) Season 2, the Inhumans made their Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Although the Inhumans introduced in the series were largely unknown and featured no member of the Royal Family, the show managed to stick to their origin story for the most part.

There were also rumors that AoS was going to be a platform to introduce the Royal Family via a feature film as a part of the larger universe. Unfortunately, this never happened and at some point, the Marvel TV and the Marvel Studios division had a falling out (I’ll address this some other time) dashing all our hopes of having a feature film.

Herein lies our current problem. An Inhumans series that is trying too hard to be a feature film.

This is my biggest issue with Marvel’s Inhumans; I can stomach the visual flaws and hiccups with the script because even the best movies and series have these issues.

Sadly, because this show has a problem figuring out what it wants to be, it really has no place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The biggest strength of the MCU is it’s continuity and the knowing that every new movie or series is a part of a larger universe. I call it ‘The Domino Effect.’

It’s the reason why they could afford to introduce The Guardians Of The Galaxy who at the time was relatively unknown (except to comic nerds) and somehow managed to pull it off.

The Inhumans doesn’t have any backbone both in the TV or movie universe and I don’t think they are strong enough characters to stand isolated. Frankly, none of the things that happen in this world seems to have any consequence on the MCU as we know it.

I think it would have paid off if they built on the already existing AoS foundation but sadly all we have is wasted potential.

That said I still plan to finish this journey.

So wish me luck folks.

I sense I’m going to need it.

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