Mecha Anime Suck, there, I said It, Crucify me

I don’t like Mecha. I really, really don’t.

For me it’s just a bunch of robots fighting each other while they move up and down in space or on the earth.

I know, i know every is saying; How about Code Geass?

I love Code Geass, but in my eyes Code Geass is not Mecha. I tried, God knows i really tried. I watched Aldonoah Zero, Gurren Lagan and all the other ones, but no dice.

It’s really popular in Japan though with the Gundam series being really popular in the country (i avoid the Gundam series like a plague. I tried to watch once…meh) and i guess that’s the case because of their high affinity for Robots and tech.

So what’s the appeal of Mecha? Perhaps i need someone to come and talk to me about it to really enjoy it.  I can’t say i hate Mecha by the way because i respect the idea and the followership it has and also the heights it has reached. I can also say Voltron was possibly the first Mecha i ever watched and while that makes me nostalgic, i really doubt i’d watch Voltron again (i haven’t finished Season 1 of the Netflix series).

I guess giant robots fighting other giant robots is just a tad odd for me. I remember trying to watch Eureka Seven (which is a good anime, but hardly mindblowing) and i realised the only reason i enjoyed the story was because of Eureka and her weird relationship with Renton, i didn’t like any of the fights or anything else for that matter.

I can enjoy a Mecha show, but for that to happen i guess the mecha has to be at the background. In reality, i don’t think i really enjoyed any of Code Geass’ fight scenes involving robots, but the robots were secondary to the plot and therefore i was able to pretend that the robots did not exist and only the people did.

I reckon this is as random as a post gets, but i was looking through my anime list and i realised i’ve had Heavy Object for over two years and i’ve been in the least bit tempted to see it and then i asked myself ‘why is it still in my collection sef’. I haven’t deleted it, but who knows? I just might.

Anyhoo, i’m sure i have offended some people and to them i apologize, but this is the same way some people hate Slice of Life anime remorselessly, so i guess it’s a vicious cycle.

Do you love Mecha? If so, why? This could help me understand the fascination and we can at least have a conversation about anime and who doesn’t want that?

Till later.


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