New Star Wars Last Jedi Trailer May ‘Tempt’ Us Into Impatience

Okay….So I and a couple of friends were streaming on Youtube and we jumped on the recently released version of the Stars wars the Last Jedi movie to be released on the 15th of December.

Considering how much we were really into the franchise, it was a big deal for us. The trailer shows off quite a bit of older footages with new bits inserted at the end, giving a new meaning to some earlier parts of the movie that were shown in the previous trailers.

Considering that it is just a little over 3 weeks to the premiere of the movie at the cinemas (yes, I counted). The release of the trailer may serve to accelerate the already speeding heartbeat that comes with each new episodic movie of Star Wars that is released.

It’s a lose-lose in my opinion, as I will be daydreaming about all the possible shockers or plot twists that the movie has in store for us (not to talk about the consequent loss in productivity because of random theories that will then be floating around in my head).

All in all, the release of the trailer has put my patience to the sword (or to the lightsaber) and awoke the anxiety that comes with waiting for all my favorite franchise to hit the cinemas at their respective release dates.

May the force be with…..oh and yes, there is news that there will be a new trilogy to be started (dies from the shock of a force hold).


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