Nintendo Killing It: Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Hits 15 Million Downloads In Less than a Week

Nintendo are really back in the saddle now. They have had nothing short of a stellar year in terms of game releases and great strides in all they do.

They started off with the release of the Nintendo Switch in March of this year and it has been a big hit. Along with it came Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild and trust me, if that game isn’t game of the year, i’m throwing a tantrum, they then had Mario Odyssey which has gotten people talking and earning rave reviews.

So with all this, Nintendo must have been like What else can we completely own and dominate? And someone must have been like  how about mobile gaming

And so it was that they released Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

 According to Mobile app data analysis organization Sensor Tower, Nintendo‘s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp smartphone game has at least 15 million downloads worldwide.

15 million!

It’s been less than a week. This makes Animal Crossing Nintendo‘s second-largest mobile game launch, compared to Super Mario Run, which had 32 million downloads in six days, and Fire Emblem Heroes, which had 7 million downloads in six days. Pokémon Go had 6.8 million downloads in its first six days, though it was only available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand at that time.

So they’re absolutely killing it this 2017 and mad props to them, they deserve it. Animal Crossing is free but it has in-game transactions, it became available worldwide on November 22 and it allows players to create and customize the appearance of their own in-game avatar.

What you’re expected to do as a player is; build a campsite and attract visitors by building attractions, amenities, and populating the campsite with better items and facilities.

So go get yours now?

Till later

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