Oh Come on Hollywood! One Piece Live Action Series Coming soon (Facepalming so Hard)

One Piece.

You know that little known anime with like a bazillion episodes and fights and stuff? Yeah, that one.

Apparently, it’s getting a Hollywood series

So it’s clear that anime is going to be the new fuel for Hollywood madness for the next decade or something till they find some other medium to squeeze dry and churn mediocre movies out of.

In a video message shown at Jump Festa 2018’s One Piece stage panel on Sunday, producer Marty Adelstein stated that the live-action Hollywood television series adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece manga will start with the East Blue arc.

The East Blue arc is basically the first arc One Piece started with. Luffy meets Shanks for the first time (Shanks with 2 hands) and he is just about to set out into the world with the hopes of becoming the Pirate King.

Adelstein also stated that the series promises to create “a true One Piece” after he discussed the project with Oda personally.

Adelstein speaking on his excitement for the project said “I am enthusiastic to give my all to make One Piece succeed. I think this project could set a new record for the highest production cost in television drama history. The work’s worldwide fame merits this scale of production.”

The fact that it’s a series is…weird.

We’re used to Live action movies which they go on to screw up as is their wont, but you wonder: Is the failure of the live action movies the case because they don’t have enough time to build a cohesive story?

Most live action movies try to follow the source material to an extent and since most of the source material is dense, it’s difficult to actually do it right, but could this constraint be done away with if it’s a series with more time to explore and so on.

It’ll be interesting to see what will be done with a show as iconic as One Piece. Oda himself commented in July that his condition for the project was that the project “will never betray the fans who have supported me for 20 years.”

Being the cynic that i am, i’m not holding my breath, but i guess it’ll be okay if it does go well. I personally wouldn’t want a live-action adaptation to an anime i love so much, but if it’s going to be done at least it should be done right.

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