OMG! They Actually Cursed On Star Trek: Discovery

Hi Guys and Ma’ams. Why did i just refer to..Nevermind? Smiles in Spanish.

Anyway this is a lazy rant so “let’s go there”

Quick Recap of the episode.

So Star Trek: Discovery season 1 episode 5 aired over the weekend and it was amazing as it as been since episode one.

Michael’s Concern For That Tardigrade Was So Beautiful 


Michael Is Still Hot As Eff

The Captain got kidnapped

Captain Escaped With A Prisoner Of War

Who we assume will be a new member of Discovery.

Michael’s Pet Almost died Teleporting The ship To Save The Captain

When they Used the Eff word i was like ehn!(It’s a word for shocked in my language). Like twice oo.


There was almost a gay kiss as, their was a scene that almost made me go OMG!

Anyway if you are not watching the new Star Trek. You are on a long thing.

Still your choice oo.

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