OMG! They Actually Cursed On Star Trek: Discovery

Hi Guys and Ma’ams. Why did i just refer to..Nevermind? Smiles in Spanish.

Anyway this is a lazy rant so “let’s go there”

Quick Recap of the episode.

So Star Trek: Discovery season 1 episode 5 aired over the weekend and it was amazing as it as been since episode one.

Michael’s Concern For That Tardigrade Was So Beautiful¬†


Michael Is Still Hot As Eff

The Captain got kidnapped

Captain Escaped With A Prisoner Of War

Who we assume will be a new member of Discovery.

Michael’s Pet Almost died Teleporting The ship To Save The Captain

When they Used the Eff word i was like ehn!(It’s a word for shocked in my language). Like twice oo.


There was almost a gay kiss as, their was a scene that almost made me go OMG!

Anyway if you are not watching the new Star Trek. You are on a long thing.

Still your choice oo.

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