Why Power Rangers Might Have Made A Better TV Show

We have a short one today folks.

This feels like a throwback of sorts but I had a weird dream (don’t ask) that’s partly responsible for this rant.

The Power Rangers movie generated a mixed bag of responses from audiences around the globe. Most of them tended towards negativity but there was a weird balance between the reactions and comments.

Bringing it back home, I liked the movie.

This might because I decided to wait for months to pass before seeing it so I could avoid all the speculations and peer-pressure influenced opinions. For the most part, I think Power Rangers was a decent movie and I was really impressed with the actors that played the Power Rangers.

My issues with the movie were mostly with the villain. I feel like in an attempt to pay homage to the 90’s version of the character, she came off as fake and pretty unrealistic.  It would have been so much better if she acted the way a villain would act in this day and age (I really couldn’t stand all the shouting and emphasis on words).

A month later (last month specifically), I realized it had a fatal flaw. The movie was enjoyable but forgettable.

As interesting as the journey was, Power Rangers is not a memorable movie. It really doesn’t stick at all.

This got me thinking about the new wave of TV shows and series we have today. There really isn’t any limit to the world of TV and it gives room for expansion and exploration.

Perhaps a Power Rangers TV show might have made more sense yeah?

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