‘Pulse’ Makes His Debut On The Gifted

For those that have been following The Gifted on FOX, you would agree with me when I saw that things are shaping up pretty nicely. I’m a sucker for complex relationships amongst characters in shows and The Gifted has slowly begun to spin a web that I hope will work well for the show’s future.

Today I’m not here to give a review per say but once in a while events take place that requires special attention and this last episode was truly special.

As some people might have noticed, The Gifted is a show that has a mixed mutant roster. Some of the characters are popular characters from the comics while other exist specifically for the show. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it because The X-men/Brotherhood are not the only mutants that exist in the Marvel Universe. The comics and movies have made it very clear to us that mutants are scattered all over the world.

Amy Acker and Natalie Alyn Lind in the “eXit strategy” episode of THE GIFTED

Episode 4 starts with a two-year flashback that shows Pulse and Thunderbird outside a mutant detention facility. They were trying to save some mutants and Pulse got shot in the process. Pulse (played by Zach Roerig– you might remember him from The Vampire Diaries) is a mutant from the comics who generates a disrupt pulse from his eyes which can disrupt mutant abilities and scramble electronic systems.

The episode is a jailbreak episode as the mutant underground and the Strucker family attempt to save their father and Polaris. The mission ultimately is a success but without casualties on their side that were caused by Pulse who has now become an agent of the sentinel services.

I found this to be particularly interesting because up until this time the show had drawn a fine line between the mutants underground and the sentinel services. This episode showed me that sentinel services are open to using mutants to achieve their goal.

There was nothing stated about Pulse’s mental state but from his encounter with Thunderbird, he didn’t seem to recognize his old friend.

Could this mean that sentinel services might have found a way to control mutants?

How many mutants do they have in their rank?

These are the questions folks.

Until next time.


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