Do We Really Want More Stranger Things?

Hi folks.

Before you Stranger Things fanboys and girls decide to come have my head, hear me out a bit alright?

The second season of Stranger Things dropped over a week ago and it’s received great reviews all around. There’s no surprise here really, Stranger Things is a well scripted and beautifully executed show. However, after sitting through two seasons, I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be wise to quit while we’re ahead.

The big screen and TV are ruled by trends and in recent time there’s a major trend that works very well in the favour of Stranger Things. It’s called Young Actors.

Whether we’re talking of Arya Stark in Game Of Thrones, Laura from the Logan Movie or the more recent IT or Young Sheldon, the world seems to have a soft spot for child actors that are good.

Strangers Things arguably has the strongest ensemble of young talent we’re ever seen on any screen in recent years. This is obviously one of their strongest points but if it isn’t managed properly it might become a weakness instead.

Stranger Things might fall into another trend that I fondly refer to as The Milking. Over the last couple of years, we’ve more reboots or spinoffs of movies/TV shows than ever in the history of film and TV. Original content has dwindled and in its place, we have more adaptations, remakes, and unnecessary sequels.

Stranger Things, however, is as original as it gets and this places a high demand on the show by default. If you add the fact that most of the actors of the show are very young into the mix, we find ourselves with a very high possibility that this show would be on for a very long time.

As a fan, I would love to watch these kids repeatedly but from a storyteller’s perspective, I don’t see how far they can take this without ruining the experience or losing the essence of the show.

These concerns might seem baseless but it started to bother me at the end of the second season. At the end of season one, the situation with Will gave us reason to believe that there would be a second season. There were a lot of unanswered questions and events that needed some level of clarification.

Those questions were answered for the most part in season two and by the end of the season, I had closure. Then all of a sudden the scene changed and I knew we were heading for the third season.

My problem with this is that I don’t still see any reason why we should have a third season. Nothing in the current suggests that it is necessary to have one and that really worries me.

Let’s assume we have one and it’s great. How long can we keep this up before we lose the plot entirely?

I guess we’ll have to stick around to find out.

That’s all from me today folks.

Until next time.

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