Review: (How I Died) The Kuroko No Basket Last Game Story

So i am a huge fan of Kuroko No Basket.


I love the anime so much. So you can imagine my excitement when it was announced last year that a movie was coming out this year. I was so stoked, especially when i saw the trailer. I screamed. I danced. I cried for joy.


Fast forward to March of this year. The movie came out and i was stoked again.

One Problem.

I couldn’t find it anywhere!

It was showing in cinemas apparently– Asian cinemas. Some western cinemas got it but nothing in Africa. We’re kuku the ‘Dark continent’ so i guess…

Well, i was sad.

But i serve a living God. So you can’t imagine my delight when i found it to watch on Thursday night. I got it quite late, but who gives a f***! I was going to watch it, f*** work the next day. And so i did

And i died.

I loved the movie so much. The animation was amazing (apart from those dodgy bits when it was clear that the crowd were 3D models), the pace was fast and relentless and the story was…well, simplistic.

So here’s what happened; An American Street Basketball team called the Jabberwocks came to Japan for a tour. They played a Japanese team (called Team Strky) featuring  Miyaji (Shūtoku), Imayoshi(Tōō), Higuchi (Rakuzan), Kasamatsu (Kaijō), and Okamura(Yōsen). Their captain is Shoichi Imayoshi.

The Jabberwocks win against Strky quite easily and in humiliating fashion. They then humiliate them even further by first spitting on the outstretched hand of Kasamatsu when he tried to show some sportsmanship and then declaring that the Japanese were monkeys (how American) and that they should just kill themselves.


Of course they weren’t going to take this lightly, so coach Kagetora (Riko’s dad) steps in and says he’ll assemble a team to beat them in one week. Of course they accept the challenge because…America.

Kagetora then assembles the generation of miracles (Kuroko is a member of the Generation of miracles) + Kagami+ (a Bunch of extras) and they prepare to take on the Jabberwocks under the aegis of ‘Vorpal Swords’

I won’t go any further as that would be spoiling it, but you can imagine how that went.

What it did highlight for me is just how long an average game goes on in the anime as it usually takes between 3-4 episodes which is over 80 minutes. So the 1hr 30min runtime for Last Game seems short in comparison.


The dialogue was cheesy, but in a good way, in the way that makes you smile as you remember just how ridiculous every character is from Akashi, to Midorima, to Murasakibara, to Kise, to Kagami, to Aomine to Kuroko.

The characters are what really carry the story as on a surface level this movie is really just about a country trying to get its pride back in one game against an overwhelming side.

The motivations behind the story is one anyone can get behind as it is something we can identify with; if someone insults something we care about, we want to get back at them.

The Jabberwocks were also satisfying villains as they are without a doubt really good. Slight problem i have is that besides Silver and Nash Gold, the rest of the Jabberwock team doesn’t really have an identity (I guess this was due to limited time) and it’ll have been nice to know the others a little better…we don’t even have their names!

Watch out for Kise and Akashi as they were my favourites here and of course Ozil Kuroko.

Long and short, this is a movie worth watching and God knows i’ll watch it again as soon as i can.

Verdict- 4/5

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