Riverdale: Is The Tv Series As Good As The Comics?

Reading Archie and Jughead comics used to be my favorite past-time when I was much younger (after reading novels and playing board games) and I consumed quite a number of the volumes released back then.

Archie and the gang provided a plethora of useful ideas on growing through the teens (some of the information were environment/society specific and thus useless) and how to handle oneself in the public amongst other things.

So you could imagine the look of glee on my face when news got to me that a series involving Archie and the gang would be done as live action and not as a a cartoon (I love cartoons but I was just to curious and excited to see how it would be executed as a project).

So I waited patiently and voila the series; Riverdale……

Yes, the title of the series is Riverdale….Not Archie and Veronica or Archie and Jughead but….Riverdale (Hollup…Hollup….I smell something fishy here but lemme just pim).

So I watched the series and blam!!!! it hit me….there were visible differences between both versions and truth be told, it looks like a much darker take on the lives of the wholesome redhead and his gang of friends, but when you look at the source material, there’s more than meets the eye.

The series star the same four characters (Archie, Veronica, Jughead, and Betty), but there are some major plot differences that make the comic and show versions feel like they’re hardly related.

1. Ms. Grundy’s weirdly different and not as old as we knew her to be.

In the comics, she’s an old woman, while in the show she’s a trendy AF lady that wears heart-shaped sunglasses and crushes on a student. This deviation is something that seems to be in vogue recently as was done with Spidey and aunt May in Civil War.

2. The Archie we know and love is a nerd!!!

One of the more annoying features of the series is the casting of the Archie character as a stud (I was livid)….the bud was a total (okay maybe half way a nerd…). Making him a stud may appeal with some fans though but I don’t think the older generation may be able to relate with it though. I am pretty sure everyone was so taken by his awesome studness they forgot he had freckles in the comics.

3. Jughead is not Jughead of the comics.

We want our silly, food loving Jughead back not this brooding moody human…It quite weird that they’d change Juggy so much that not one of his characteristic tendencies in the comic would make an appearance in the show.

4. Parental Reset

I am wondering how and why so much changes had to be made to the series (y’all are ruining my childhood memories….I don’t like this *wails in altered memories*). A lot of the parental figures in the series were in extreme contrasts to their comic counterparts. Two classic examples are Archie’s dad in the comic is not cool and fairly old fashioned while in the series he is super cool, chill, and gives great advice.

Additionally, Veronica dad who existed in the comics is totally absent in the series.

5. Friendship versus Rivalry

We all loved the rivalry between Veronica and Betty (most especially because it wasn’t something that is easily noticeable between girls in real life and because Betty was a sweet girl in contrast to ‘mean’ Veronica). However, the production team seemed to have turned the whole thing on its head by best-friend tagging them both in the series (it kinda messes with me head….I do hope something tangible floats outta this though).

6. Teenage Lifestyle becomes Dark, broody and Investigative

The theme of the comics was much much lighter than the current series. Yep, it was more fun and teenage trials than dark and broody as the series was implying.

All in all, the series is still a good watch but I would still prefer to dig into my comics and enjoy the teenage naivety of the characters.

But for those of you who love the series, the second season is out (if its not complete already), so you all can have fun watching while I sit here and bury myself in my library collection.


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