Sports Anime: How The Hell Do The Japanese Make Us Cry Everytime???

So this is basically just me ranting.

I recently saw the Kuroko No Basket: Last Game movie and i wanted to die. Like it was literally 12:30am and i was stifling screams. I was so excited and now, a week later, i’m still extremely buzzed.

Now understand, i’m not a Basketball fan. The only time basketball is fun for me is when i watch clips of when they score, then i’m all ‘Ooooooooooooooooh!’ look at that Dunk! Etc Etc.

So how the hell do the Japanese make us care so much?

The answer is; I don’t know

Maybe it’s the characters, the emotion, the goal, the underdog story and it’s EVERY SPORTS ANIME.

Who remembers the first time they heard of Haikyu? I do and i remember thinking to myself ‘A Volleyball anime? Please’ So i didn’t watch it

And then i did

And then i was like

If you haven’t seen Haikyu…please do

Same thing with Hajime no Ippo

I don’t like boxing. I don’t watch it, i’m not particularly interested, but then i saw Hajime no Ippo and i was screaming ‘DEMPSEY ROLL’ to¬† anyone who’d listen.

If i were to theorize, i’d say it’s more about the heart in these shows. The fact that a group of people (or one person) come together to achieve a goal, to win when all the odds are stacked against them, it just resonates. That’s for me sha.

That’s from Eyeshield 21 by the way, another anime that made me go bonkers. It’s about American Football and while American football fascinates me, i’ve never really sat down to watch a game, but this one intrigued me greatly and i had the same feeling of emotion after seeing it.


Sports anime

What was your favourite one? Or is there a sports anime you’ve hated, I’d like to know your thoughts. Please leave a comment and share.

Till later.

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