Why Star Trek Discovery Might Be More Appealing To Newer Fans Of The Franchise

Star Trek Discovery gave me a lot of doubt when it was announced, in fact, I wrote it off completely because I didn’t think it would be a standard show, especially with the visual effects. The first episode had me (and a lot of other people) in shock because it looked good, really good.

To make things a lot better, the story is quite good and it’s turning out be one of my favorite shows currently. For those that have been living under a rock, Star Trek Discovery follows the story of Michael Burnham (played by the beautiful Sonequa Martin-Green) who is blamed for the start of the war against the Klingons, the death of her captain and the destruction of her ship. She finds herself on a new ship called the Discovery. Captain Gabriel Lorca, the head of the Discovery (played by Jason Isaacs), enlists her as a member of his crew despite her prison sentence and reputation as a mutineer.

Eight episodes in, I have to say it’s a pretty solid show that tries it’s best to tie-in with the Star Trek universe that fans are already familiar with. Over the course of the season, we’ve already had some ‘name drops’ and hints suggesting that the events are somewhat connected.

As a fanboy, Star Trek Discovery does enough to get my blood boiling; I feel a wave of nostalgia when I see those uniforms, ships and space battles. However as a Trekker and a mild critic, some of the complaints from old Star Trek fans although harsh aren’t entirely baseless.

The Star Trek Universe is a pretty old one that has been building for decades now, even with the reboot and new set of movies, the characters are still familiar and easy to relate with. There is no shortcut to that level of depth and character build up and in some ways, it reflects in the world of Star Trek Discovery.

Apart from Michael Burnham, (whose back-story has been touched a bit) we know little or nothing about most of the characters on the show.  This singular element makes it a tad difficult to feel the weight of the some of the events of the series especially when they happen to other characters.

At some point, I had myself thinking ‘as long as Michael is fine then we’re good’.

This isn’t a way of saying the storyline isn’t great because it is. But it’ll be a lot more enjoyable for people who knew little or nothing about the Star Trek universe. For old fans, they would always have moments of disconnects or questions left unanswered.

Then again, they may deal with all these issues as the season progresses and all this would have been for nothing.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Later folks.

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