Supergirl:Season 3 Episode 1 – Girl Of Steel Rises

In case you did not know, Season Feem (Tv Shows) have started and Supergirl was aired yesterday kick-starting the CW season which also kickstarts the TV universe of DC for the 2017/2018 calendar.

Alright, let us jump into the review of Supergirl season 3 episode one which starts with a dream sequence of Kara(Supergirl) and Mon-El(her boyfriend from another planet who basically is not on earth anymore because of sh*t that went down last season). Then she seeing her mum in the same dream sequence and well hugging like every dream sequence that touches the heart.

Kara suddenly opens her eyes and we realise she was doing the man of steal pose suspended in mid-air while evening dreaming(We can’t call it daydreaming na). Her sister (Alex Danvers ) is chasing a truck with her fiance/cop (Maggie) and just as hell was about to break loose, Kara was there in good time.

Super girl - Girl Of Steel Pose

This episode introduces us to the other side of Kara (Supergirl) which is the determined I am an Alien, don’t disturb my life version of her who only cares about saving people and stays away from Social life because of the events that happened last season with Mon-El leaving to rule his people and her, grieving over the loss of the supposed love of her life.

Supergirl Kara

The special effects on this episode of Supergirl are better and well Mellisa Bonnet’s acting in this episode was cool as she mixed her brooding and happy go lucky characters well. As with the brooding and being serious, she did not overdo it so she basically impressed me.

The Bad guy terrorist-for-hire Robert DuBois a.k.a. Bloodsport—seemed like just a random bad guy to add to the episode who is working for a real estate mogul who wants to buy CatCo and well level the ground of the buildings he wants to rebuild.

Robert Debois - Terrorist for hire

I am hoping this season of Supergirl will bring in a better Villain as they introduce us to her in this episode as an innocent bystander with her kid who well, was trying to save her kid when the terrorist for hire was attacking and surprising activates her superpowers.

Supergirl season villain

We hope as the season unfolds, we will gradually be introduced to her powers and we are curious as to what type of villain she is meant to be as they showed us another Kryptonian ship under water.Last season showed an extra ship sent to earth with a bloodthirsty baby in it.

So, have you seen it yet? What do you think?

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