Tales From The Box Office: November

Hey folks.

Earlier this month, I talked about my most anticipated movies for this month and that was fun.

With the last weekend of November gone, let’s see the Top 6 movies at the Box Office for this month.

1.  Thor: Ragnarok

Thor comes in first making a total of $277.7M in the 4 weeks its spent on the list. No surprise here right?

2. Justice League

It’s spent just 2 weeks and Justice League has made $171.9M. It’s not too shabby if you ask me.

3. Murder On The Orient Express

Making $74.4M after 3 weeks, Murder On The Orient Express sits comfortably in third place. Although it’s a tad disappointing after all the hype.

4. Coco

Coming in fourth just after 1 week is Coco with a whooping 72.9M. I’m pretty sure this number is going to increase vastly in the coming weeks,

5. Daddy’s Home 2

$72.6M after 3 weeks is a win my books. Especially considering how much I found it underwhelming.

6. Wonder

This movie wasn’t on my list and from all indications that was an error on my part. It’s made $69.8M in 2 weeks and from all indications it deserves every cent of it.

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