The Inhuman: YouTuber finishes Mario Odyssey Without Jumping Even Once

Because the world is just filled with unreasonable people that give you a headache, we find ourselves with (in)humans like this.

A YouTuber decided to do the absolutely ludicrous and finish Mario, a game which is tantamount to jumping, without making a single jump.

The game of choice was Super Mario Odyssey and it so happens that the game only considers very specific acts to be a “jump,” so this was a prompter for the YouTuber to see if he could finish the game while keeping the jump counter at zero.

What Super Mario Odyssey does, is track your in-game jumps and when you’re done Toadette can tell you exactly how many times you’ve jumped in any given Kingdom. According to Odyssey’s own metrics, the only things that are logged as a “jump” are normal jumps, double jumps, triple jumps, backflips, side flips, long jumps, ground pound jumps, water jumps, and 2D jumps.

So by Mario Odyssey’s own rules, jumping while capturing a creature doesn’t count. What this does in effect is that it allows for wall jumps, pole jumps, swimming, and certain Y moves that can be executed without the game counting it as a jump (so you can throw Cappy and walk into him for a bounce, but the game won’t count it as a jump.)

The YouTuber in question, Gamechamp3000, set out to keep his jump count at zero which of  course was not simple, but it seems he pulled it off somehow.


Now this could be a very daunting task as the very first thing you have to do in the game is jump to wake up, but it’s no problem as the game doesn’t actually count it, because it treats the event as a cutscene.

The YouTuber also needed to learn how to play the game almost entirely through Cappy bounces and dives, which is no joke.

There were parts in the game were Mario was without Cappy which presented a challenge. Then there was the fight against Bowser which under normal circumstances would be dealt with by jumping, but Gamechamp somehow overcame this.

To Gamechamp’s dismay however, he discovered he still finished the game with 29 jumps which led to the shocking discovery that talking to NPCs was counted by the game as a jump, so he had to do it again without getting into any conversation.

Watching the video is mighty fun, you can give it a view below.




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