Thea Recovers As Arrow Gets Ready For Crisis On Earth X:Thanksgiving Recap

Just when we thought Thea will lay dormant for most of the season, she wakes up on last night’s episode of Arrow titled “Thanksgiving”.

Yesterday’s episode of Arrow starts with Oliver and his Son celebrating Thanksgiving by giving to the less privileged. When Agent “Ayamatanga”(My nickname for  FBI agent Samantha Watson) who arrests Oliver in front of his son while having a press conference. I mean who actually does that?

Samanda Watson

Samanda Watson (Ayamatanga) (c) CW

Samantha Watson arrests Oliver and accuses him again of being the arrow. To be fair, the people should be tired of the general witch hunt by now.

John Diggle got injected with an experimental nerve thing that was supposed to help with his shaking hands which he got from the injury on the Island from the end of last season.

Fake Laura and the new bad guy steal some nanite type thing without any problems because the new bad guy who apparently can lock Felicity out of everything.

Felicity finds a way around not being able to track the people of the new bad guy and they track them to a facility which ends with a Gunfight, Fake Laura doing her screams and Diggle’s new experimental drug gives him a kind of seizure which lands him in the hospital.

Diggle has a fight with Oliver over the fact that he did not tell Oliver about his hand. Which they eventually settle.

Felicity and Curtis fight over secrets based on Curtis injecting Diggle with the experimental thing. Curtis accuses Felicity of naming their new startup without his input and consent.

To be fair again.Curtis had every right to be angry because on top of everything. Felicity used part of their angel seed money to bail Oliver out.

Oliver Joins the team as The Green Arrow to stop the bad guy who we thought had planted a bomb at a concert when really he just wanted to talk (meaning the whole bomb thing was not real).

Oliver had to lie to his son that he was still not part of the team when he was asked.

The good news is that Thea woke up at the end and they all had Thanksgiving together. Which was nice to watch.



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