There’s A Pingu Anime And It’s Unbelievable!

Who remembers Pingu?

From back in the day. The Penguin that made noises and ran around causing problems.

Well there’s an anime for it

Let that sink in for a second.

Still don’t believe me?

Aha! There you go

I looked at it and i did a double take. To be fair, calling it an anime might be a tad incorrect as it’s more or less the same as it was when the Swiss did it in the 80s all the way to 2000. It’s sha animated.

So naturally, my curiosity made me watch it. Each episode is 7 minutes long, so it’s short, but i was pleasantly surprised that it was still as heartfelt as it has always been.

The titular character is one that always gets into trouble and has a good time while living with his family in the North pole.

Pingu in the City (that’s the name for the Japanese reboot) has the family, who always sort of lived on the outskirts, move to the city and start a new life.


The pilot episode had a whole Shokugeki no Soma feel to it. Pingu applied at a diner to become a waiter. He did this and then got it in his head that he could be like the chef, so while the chef was out, through a series of unfortunate events, he messes up with the food which is on fire at the time. He tries to salvage it and it actually turns out good.

A regular customer tasted it and was blown away (not Shokugeki no Soma style sha, but then again they are all already nude ;)). It’s advertised that Pingu is this big deal, problem is when he replicates exactly what he did– let’s just say it didn’t end well.

He was promptly chased away from the diner and the episode ends. It was short, funny and unbelievable in the sense that i was sure they’d screw it up.

I’m a huge fan of characters and stories staying within their home region. For instance, i am NOT a fan of American live-action movies for Japanese anime (Netflix’s Death Note i’m looking at you…utter crap) and i also did not like the X-men and Iron man anime.

But Pingu seems to be a step in the right direction. I will watch more episodes even if it’s just for laughs and i’d say you should to…i t’s just 7 minutes

Till later.


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