Thor: Ragnarok- Proof That Marvel Learns And Evolves

It’s been over a month since this movie came out and I needed to have proper context before speaking about it.

This is not a review of Thor: Ragnarok, this is simply a short piece that tells you guys some of the rants that go on in my head. We all know that Marvel has been ahead of the superhero game for a while and they honestly deserve it. It takes time to build something this beautiful and the guy at Marvel definitely did their homework.

Still, not all Marvel movies have been perfect and the Thor franchise was one of the prime examples of this until Ragnarok.

Thor’s Colourful Cast Of Characters Credit: Inverse

The stand-alone MCU titles tend to have a certain rhythm and tone that sets them apart from each other. A prime example is the Captain America trilogy which mostly reminds you of 90’s action movies, the Antman movie is a comedy heist movie and the Spider-man movie is tailored to high school and teens. Somehow, the Thor franchise hadn’t quite made a decision on what it wanted to be and this made the first two movies forgettable.

With Thor: Ragnarok, they were able to correct this and redeem the trilogy. I’ve heard some people say that Thor: Ragnarok copied the themes of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

I admit that there are similarities here and there, but I believe they are very different in tone. Also considering how Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 went, I think that franchise might be able to learn some things from Thor: Ragnarok (I’ll keep my spoilers to myself).

That’s my two cents on this folks.

Until next time.

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