Three Reasons Why The Avengers Infinity War Trailer May Drop This Week

Okay, so everyone who is an actual buff and Marvel fan (or addict if you please) is eagerly looking forward to the release of arguably one of the biggest Marvel movies (if not the biggest) of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While we wait…(some of us are literally sitting on our hands here), the MCU has refused to regale us with a trailer (so that we can all go crazy running analytics on bit-parts of an entire movie).

However, that may change in the coming weeks as Russo brothers have very unsubtlety hinted at a possible debut time frame for the trailer.

Okay….I will let that sink in.

Yes!! There will finally be a trailer for us to digest, analyze, drool and scream over and thats not all….it will be out soon!!

How soon?

Let’s see if we can figure out the counter-productive conundrum MCU has given us to solve using three reasons

Reason 1: The Russo Brothers took to Instagram to reveal… a massive cartoon number 3. Without wanting to get my big board of crackpot theories out, 3 could mean Avengers 3, something arriving three days after the post (on Sunday), December 3rd or even three weeks from now. A hunch tells me December 3rd though (don’t ask me why…I am simply following a hunch here…)

Big, green and three…..the mighty number three released by the Russo brothers of the MCU.

Reason 2: Mark Ruffalo. He loves a slip of the tongue, doesn’t he? Or in this case, keyboard. He’s already said probably one thing too many about who may feature in Avengers: Infinity War and now he simply says “Something big is coming.” I may be going bonkers, but could this mean the trailer release is nearer than the we think?

I wouldn’t be too bothered about the comment unless oh…of course, the trailer is going to be massive? It would be a crucial build for the movie’s publicity before it hits the cinemas.

I think the presence of Thanos as the antagonist in the movie is big enough, don’t you agree?

Reason 3: Taking into the consideration all the fanfare and preparation thrown into the red carpet mix and match to increase the movie and reason number 2. We have also heard about the development of new movies in the MCU timeline (A characteristic trait that precedes the release of trailers of hugely popular movies). This is eerily similar to the talk of a new Star Wars Trilogy when the most recent trailer was released.


There! the three reasons are up there…..If you disagree or have better evidence, feel free to type away in our comments section below :).

To be honest, I don’t think Thanos enjoys the undue attention we are showering him with….he just wants to subjugate the universe and move on to other things like trying to remove all the hidden beard hairs hiding in folds on his chin..

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